Clicking sound from hard disk – Is there a solution?

hard-diskA couple of days ago, a colleague of mine told me about her notebook behaving strangely from time to time.

When I asked her to provide a few more details about what she meant by behaving strangely, she said: Image by Jeff Kubina

  • The notebook seems to hang once a while.
  • Restarting the notebook occasionally shows a blue screen and the error messages pointing to hardware failures. However, restarting it a couple more times, the problem goes away by itself.
  • There are some clicking sound from inside the notebook. I would assume it’s from the hard disk.

My immediate advice to her would be to backup her important files asap.

She told me, yea.. ok… she’ll do it when she’s really free. For now, it still works and the problem is intermittent. It does not happen every single time! I told her, well it’s up to you. You have been warned!

Two months later, the terrible thing did happen. She came to my house and asked me to check it out.

When I tried to start the machine, it just wouldn’t start. All I heard was, click clack click – click clack click – over and over again.screaming

I told her, there’s nothing I could do! Really! It’s obviously a mechanical failure with the hard disk. She was like… NOOOOOO………………………. Image by (dpade1337).

This is not happening to me! You’ve got to help me! I’ve got some very important pictures in there, she said.

Then I told her, well it’s not the end of it. You could try to send the hard disk to data recovery specialists.

If the same thing happened to you and you’re in any of these locations:

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • Canada

Then you should contact Data Recovery Group. They have been recovering lost data from failed hard drives since 1986!

Data Recovery Group provides the following key services:

If your organization or even yourself have any experience recovering data, feel free to promote and talk about your services in the comment box below.

As for the story with my colleague, we just couldn’t find a data recovery specialist from where we live. She ended up buying a new notebook altogether and a new hard disk for me to replace into the notebook for her daughter to use. As for the important pictures in the malfunctioned hard disk, it’s all still in there. Just no longer accessible.

Anyone willing to help? Haha!

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  • thanks … this is very useful review… could anybody please suggest me any good hard drive that doesn’t have those clicking sound? right now am on a online store … this is specialized in selling hard drives…hope i gonna get that from here. help me please…

  • It’s never fun when a hard drive makes clicking sounds. However it is not always caused by a mechanical failure. If you cannot afford to pay the money for hard drive recovery services, then you could go to this website ( and see if any of the fixes there apply to you.

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