Create small charts within excel for dashboard purposes

scoldedHave you ever presented a powerpoint document with charts generated via excel for your boss and she comes back to you saying, I don’t have time to go through your 20 slides Powerpoint! I want a one page report with everything in it! And I want it fast!

Ouch! Now you’re left wondering how you could fit all 20 charts in within one single page. Previously you would generate an excel chart one by one and then copy it over to Powerpoint. Now that your boss decides to save some time by looking at everything at one glance, you’re left wondering how it can be achieved.

Are you looking for something like this? Click to enlarge the screenshot.


Well, it can be done with the help of a third party software called Microcharts.


Microcharts is a 3rd party application for your MS Excel. What it does is it helps you to create small little charts which fits nicely in within one cell. The following are various charts which can be generated via Microcharts.

  • Line charts linechart
  • Column charts columnchart
  • Bar charts barchart
  • Pie charts piechart
  • Win lose win-lose

It is really simple to create a micro chart. First of all, you’ll need to download Microchart (trial) and install it. Once installed, all you need are some data in within your excel which looks like below.


To create a small line chart, simply click on a cell where you want the chart to appear then click on the function button.  Drop down the list of category and you should see one called MicroCharts.

insert function

Selecting MicroCharts will display a list of charts that you could create. In this case, I selected the CMicroLine. Under the function arguments, simply highlight the data values which you would like the charts to be generated based on.

insert function -2

Clicking on OK will generate the mini chart for you. See the outcome below.


The result is really small! Well, that’s what we want right? There you go. Hopefully with Microcharts, you can present the latest financial or whatever reports in one single page and save your bosses hours looking through powerpoint slides. Download Microcharts today.

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