Dell Notebook Battery Flashes Four Orange One Green!

Dell notebook battery flashesIf your Dell notebook battery flashes four orange one green, there might be a problem with your battery. This happened to my Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook and it’s quite annoying because of the constant orange flashes. The battery life was also shorten and doesn’t last longer than an hour. I was worried if it will just blow up my notebook as it gets hot sometimes. photo credit: playerx

The biggest problem is that the warranty with Dell just ended about two months ago, so I was two months late. If only the battery had problems earlier, I could get a replacement. Anyway, no use complaining, I tried to find a solution!

After hours of researching on the net, couldnt find much help. Some just concluded that the batterry is dead and to purchase a new replacement. But there is one advice in a forum, which is to put the battery in the freezer.

What the heck! Gave it a try.

I went ahead to remove the battery from the notebook and wrapped it with several layers of newspapers and placed it in a plastic bag. The battery was left in the freezer for one whole day.

After removing the battery from the freezer, I didn’t put it in the notebook right away as it was too cold. Had to leave it out a while so it’s room temperature again. Once that’s done, the moment of truth. I placed the battery in my notebook and turned it on.

To my surprise. the initial flashes of four orange one green were gone. The battery returned to normal and could stay charged for two half hours. I was one happy person.

However, this only lasted for 2 months. One fine day the nasty flashes came back and again my battery couldn’t last more than an hour. So I quickly tried the trick again, put it in the freezer. But this time, it didn’t work any more. So the trick worked for me only once. Shucks.

Anyway, if you encounter the same problem, you might wanna try this trick at your own risk. I cannot be held liable if anything goes wrong yea! Hope it helps!

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  • I have Dell Inspiron 9400 and my battery died two month after the warranty expiration date. New Dell battery cost @$150 while replacement similar battery I got for $80.

    This replacement battery is working fine and we charge/discharge for several times per manufacturer’s instruction. Also, tried to adjust the power management to give us the proper warning sign when low. However, this battery does not give any “WARING SIGN” of low battery and computer shut down instantly, loosing any working data files. This is not good. Manufactruer does not have any solution for this and willing to give me money back after deducting restocking charges of 20% plus shipping cost.
    If any one has any suggestion for restoring the “WARNIG SIGN” for low battery, so we can switch to electric power without loosing any datas.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Mine did the same thing when it was done charging. I tipped it back and aimed the room fan on it. The blinking stopped. I concluded that it was a temperature thing.

  • I have the same problem. Recently my Inspiron 9400 died and the motherboard, CPU and video card had to be replaced. A surge while the computer was plugged in might have fried those parts. Now, however, the computer is working fine yet I get those four orange flashes. THe weird thing is the battery is not hot at all and it retains charge. I have gotten a message saying the battery was past its useful time period, but it hadn’t flashed at all until after the crash. Does anyone have a solution for that?

  • Shiajun, if your machine is still under warranty, you should be able to get a replacement from DELL.

    The flashing light is trying to tell us that the battery is already faulty and it’s time for a replacement.

    My battery too kept blinking after a power surge. Fortunately, the mobo was ok. I lived with the battery flashing for more than 2 years already. Recently the battery flashes even when the power cord is not plugged. So.. it’s strange.

    I guess it’s time for me to get a new battery.

  • I had this same problem.

    I tried the freezer trick and it didn’t work out for me.

    I next tried to exhaust my battery and this actually worked.
    Here is the process i used:
    1. Disconnect the AC chord from your laptop
    2. Turn on your laptop
    3. Allow your computer to run until it shuts off/hibernates
    4. Repeat steps 2-3 until the laptop does not boot
    5. Reconnect the AC chord and cross your fingers

    hope this helps out anyone else with this problem

  • My dell battery will no longer accept a charge. It says that it does not recognize the charger. Bit PITA. I will never buy another Dell.

  • I encountered a similar problem in my dell N4030, four orange blinks n a white one.. xcept the annoying indication everything else was seems to be fine, even though it made me curious.. so to fix this bug what i exactly did was.:

    > reset the battery charger connection
    > removed the battery and turned On the notebook for while
    >removed the power jack n turned on the notebook with battery backup, even though the annoying indication was there at first, i kept draining the battery for a while ( play video or launch a game app for fast drain).
    > don’t fully drain the battery keep at least 50% charge left, n then turn off the notebook.
    > after couple of hours later when i turned on the notebook, wholla the annoying orange light was gone

     if ur battery is new n is bugging u with orange blink it might just be because of power surge, so make sure ur power cord is tightly connected to regulated a.c i/p.

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