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Is your organization still using the old time clock to track employee’s attendance?

If yes, then you must have realized that there are numerous loop holes with the system. 

Some disadvantages of using the old punch clock are:

  • People can punch the card on behalf of someone else which creates early punch ins as well as late overtime hours (buddy punching)
  • Manual time calculations
  • Possibility for dispute to arise
  • Punch cards could be easily tampered / sabotaged

Punch clocks have been used by many organizations to assist in tracking the number of hours an employee of a company worked. 

Did you know that the first time clock was invented way back in 1888?  Which means It has been used for more than a hundred years! If it’s still being used today, it must be a real proven system.

These days, with the help of new technology, the disadvantages mentioned above can be eliminated. With biometric time clocks, a person’s biological attribute such as the finger print or retina, can be used to correctly identify the employee. This would mean that the buddy punching problem can be eliminated. Unless the buddy’s thumb or eyeball can be detached! 🙂

For organizations planning to migrate from old time clock to new new biometric clock, you can consider implementing this free biometric time and attendance software.

Introducing PayPunch – a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance.

Instead of employees punching a time-card, they simply insert their hand or a finger into the reader and enter their employee number.

To test out PayPunch, simply download PayPunch Lite – the free version which allows up to a maximum of 25 active employees at any given time. 

In order for PayPunch to work, you will need a biometric device. There are various types of biometric devices which can be installed namely:

  • Hand Punch Devices – scans for the hand for the shape and size of the employee
  • Finger Print Devices – scans the fingerprint of the employee
  • Proximity Card Reader (RFID) – not really a biometric device but can also be used to integrate with PayPunch

With various biometric devices to choose from, your organization has to decide on one based on cost, feasibility, and ease of use. Also, remember to get a vendor which is reputable and experienced in installing the biometric device for you.

Once the biometric device is installed, you can integrate it with the PayPunch software. Some key features of PayPunch includes:

  • Daily and weekly statistics and reports
  • Manual adjustments (by Authorized Personnel only)
  • Shifts schedule support
  • Attendance exceptions tracking
  • Multi-factories support
  • Multi-devices support
  • Vacation tracking
  • Paid-holidays tracking
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Employees Records Locking to prevent unintended data overwrites
  • Flexible configuration of the rounding rules and grace periods
  • Attendance data export to Payroll software
  • Employee picture capturing from the video device or file
  • Fully customizable to accommodate different business rules

Check out PayPunch and give it a try today!

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  • Indeed, it’s difficult to believe but there are still employers who prefer the old time clock over modern time and attendance software. I wonder about the progress their employment makes. If it does I admire them, if not, come on you people, walk along the time and improve your business!

  • A time attendance clock relieves your business from being at the mercy of creative timesheet documentation by unscrupulous employees.

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