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DSC_0045You’re starting a 24 hours restaurant business. You have hired all your staffs and they are all ready to begin work. photo credit: ScrumptiousSally

But before you instruct everyone to report to work 24 hours by 7, it’s best to plan and break your workdays into several shifts so that your staffs can get some rest and a life of their own.

To do that, you can utilize this free duty rostering software with shift scheduler to plan your shift and assign duties appropriately.

The software is called DRoster Employee Scheduling Software created by Kappix.

DRoster is a simple to use windows application which allows a shift manager or supervisor to manage staff scheduling.

Once installed, launching DRoster immediately allows you to define the following:

  • Places (e.g Restaurant Branch)
  • Shifts (e.g Morning, Afternoon, Midnight)
  • People (e.g Names of your staffs)

Once all the above settings have been defined, you will be presented with a shifts planner.

This is where you can assign staffs on to specific shifts.

To do that, simply right click on any cells to assign a duty to a specific employee.

There is also an hourly planner capability in case you need to break down duties by the hour.

Note that the green flags indicate that the duty has been approved by all parties and work should commence according to schedule.

The other notable features include its Reporting which includes:

  • Attendance Report
  • Duties by Places
  • Persons Duties
  • Non-manned Duties
  • Duties Calendar
  • Person duties by day

With these reports, you can easily view at a glance who’s working on which shifts. It’s also easy to let a particular staff know their schedules so they know when to turn up for work.

For more info about this free duty rostering software with shift scheduler, check out DRoster today!

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  • Thank you for your lovely and informative post on DRoster, Kappix’s desktop employee scheduling software. If I may, I’d like to add that Kappix is now coming out with a Beta of ezDRoster a webware (software on demand) that enables businesses to schedule online with all their schedules hosted on Kappix secure servers.

    ezDRoster is free and users will receive a free 6 months subscription after its commercial release. Anyone interested in participating in the ezDRoster Beta program can contact [email protected] for more info.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Berger

  • Great. Good luck with everything Nancy. I applaud DRoster, good software. I am creating scheduling software as well called Fendza. I have spent a great deal of time, work, and focus on creating it. Will hopefully launch soon.

    So be sure to check out Fendza online employee scheduling if you want to see other substitutes for Kappix.

    James F.

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