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Buying enterprise software can be a painstaking exercise. One of the toughest tasks is developing a comprehensive list of functions your new software must support.

With Technology Evaluation Center (TEC), you can be covered.

TEC’s RFP templates give you the most complete lists of software features and functions you’ll find anywhere for over 20 different kinds of software, including ERP, CRM, SCM, accounting, RFID, BI, and HR. Each template lists hundreds and most list thousands of features and functions, divided into the main areas of the software’s functionality.

What’s more, since TEC RFP templates come in Excel spreadsheet format, you can easily cut and paste them to create your own custom functional requirements list(s). Then it’s a simple matter of sending your requirements list(s) to the vendors you’re interested in, and having them indicate, right on the same spreadsheet, how well or poorly they support each and every function.

It’s easy, it saves you time and money, and it prevents any important functional requirements from slipping through the cracks.

To view a sample and to find out more about how TEC RFP templates make software evaluation a much easier process, follow this link to TEC’s RFP template web site.

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