How to access SAP data through .NET

Image via (intuitives)

Image via (intuitives)

Your organization has implemented SAP as the ERP system.

However, most of your organization’s applications are on the Microsoft.NET platform such as Microsoft Sharepoint and CRM 3.0

Since SAP holds some critical data which can be used to make key decisions, the senior management has requested for some information to be made available on the intranet system.

From this requirement, Is there a way to expose information from SAP such as employees leave balance, employee details, or even remaining stock quantity to the .Net based system?

Yes, it is possible to achieve by utilizing a connector and one such connector is called by Theobald Software.

With, your developer can easily call BAPIs and function modules just by writing a few lines of codes. Once the data is accessed via these functions calls, these data can be utilized and displayed to the end user. Your Sharepoint developer would probably need to develop a web part to display these data on a Sharepoint environment. Sending and receiving Idocs with is also possible.

The following are more features within ERP

  • Read SAP tables directly through RFC
  • Generate and execute ABAP codes
  • Control transactions via batch input
  • Supports RFC and SOAP

From the’s WIKI, there are many example codes for you to better understand how the connector works. One such example explains how you can extract employee’s information by using the BAPI EMPLOYEE GETDATA. With this RFC enabled function you can pass in some information such as the last name of an employee to retrieve personal data. See this sample below. Entering the lastname of employee such as Ab* displays a list of employee with Ab in their names.

So as you can see, information residing in SAP is no longer sitting in isolation. With the right knowledge and tools, valuable enterprise data from SAP can be extracted, transformed and utilized.

With, your developers can now access critical SAP data through .NET. There is a free trial version so you can give it a try before paying anything. Check out today.

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