How to create and conduct an online questionnaire / survey for free

Do you know what your customers think about your organization’s product and services? How likely are your customers going to return to your store? Most importantly, were they satisfied with the service provided by your sales person?

Knowing and understanding what your customers think about your service offerings and products is crucial to keep your business alive. A good way to find out more about your customers thoughts is to conduct a survey to find out key information from them.

For some, creating and conducting manual paper based surveys is the only possible way simply because they do not know how to create online surveys. Some major set backs which stops them from conducting online surveys are:

  • Can’t find the right solution which is reliable and affordable
  • Do not have programmers to code the questionaire / survey
  • More expensive to hire a programmer to code the survey than to do a manual paper based survey
  • Difficult to manage the technology, servers, etc.

Creating an online questionaire or survey may be a challenge a couple of years back but not anymore today.

Introducing LimeService – a survey service-platform to prepare, run and evaluate online surveys.

With LimeService, you can create online surveys easily by simply giving your survey a name, adding groups / sections and adding the questions accordingly.

It’s so easy even your boss can create an online survey.

To start creating a survey, just sign up for free.

Once signed up, you will get two survey urls. For example,  my urls are

  • (front end)
  • (back end).

To begin creating an online survey, simply login to your back end link. Once logged in, you should see the create or import new survey image on the right.

Clicking on the image will bring you to a page where you can fill in the title of your survey, the description of your survey and all other necessary details.

Once the survey is created, now you will need to add a group followed by adding questions into the group. In my case, I will create a group called Demographics and another called Survey.

You will notice that the UI may not look great. The logo should be changed to’s logo. But take note that I did all these in within an hour. I was creating the survey while writing this post. Putting in a couple more hours can definately improve the look and feel of the online survey as well as the design of the survey questions.

Hopefully with this simple guide, you too can now create your own online survey. Do note that LimeService only gives out 10 mb of free traffic to your account. If you need additional traffic, you will need to purchase it for a minimal amount.

* Updated 1 Sept 2009 – Since 15 May 2009, LimeService has changed its free plan from offering bandwith to 25 number of responses for month.

For those who needs to run an online survey within their intranet environment, you can also download the open source software from This way you can create and run unlimited number of surveys without the need to purchase traffic.

What are you waiting for, head on over to to create and conduct your very own online questionnaire / survey for free.

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Bob Lee

Hi! My name is Bob Lee and I’m a web developer / technical writer who specializes in developing and reviewing web applications. As an entrepreneur, blogger, developer, and tech enthusiast, I have been in this field for more than 10 years, and have been loving every minute of it.


  • any chance you could post a comparison of service to make poll on facebook and other site? I tried but I can’t add poll to my facebook account easily. please compare site that doesnt cost money only.

  • i want 2 design a questionnaire related 2 the research that is to be conducted by a pharma salesperson by taking a sample size of 12 retailers and 12 doctors by asking them about the nature of generic drugs of an xyz company prescribed by medical proffesionals.

  • Anna,

    I would start of by finding out what are the common thoughts on the negative and positive impacts of the Internet.

    To do that just google for “pros and cons of the Internet” and you should discover a few.

    With the list, you should start to narrow down on what you’re trying to confirm. For example, to survey on the negative and positive impact of the Internet for college students.

    With this target list, you can go ahead to create your list of questions. Let’s take one example – the disadvantage of using the Internet is the potential invasion of personal privacy. In your questionnaire, you will need to confirm this disadvantage among the college students.

    This is one way how I would approach designing a questionnaire. Just try to narrow down to specific hypothesis and utilize the online questionaire to begin confirming the hypothesis.

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi, I need a software to generate generic questionnaires. I need a software that can assist me to design questionnaires to suit every situation.

  • Hi Fred,

    From what I’ve seen so far in the market, LimeSurvey is one of the best software / tool for you to generate generic questionnaires without having to write any codes at all. You will just need to pick and choose the question types which best suite your question. Basically every type of questions ranging from drop down selection to data entry text fields can be easily configured.

    The best way to give it an immediate test would be to head on over to where you can create a test account to begin designing your generic questionnaires.

    If you are more IT savvy, you can also download and use the software since it’s open source.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi,
    My name is wahab and would like to design my survey about women in elections. so I need an easy software to design my questionnaires.
    Thanks a lot

  • Hi, I’ve using limeservice and is a very useful tool but my question is, what exactly means this “Do note that LimeService only gives out 10 mb of free traffic to your account”????

    I would like to send my survey to 10 or 15 different people, customers or suppliers, should I pick a diferent day for they can answer my survey separately or that 10 mb free traffics means that they can’t answer the survey at the same time and the same hour or something like that? Please advise!

  • Dear Landon,

    On May 15, LimeService changed their free plan. So instead of giving out 10mb of free traffic, they have changed it to a predetermined number of free responses that you can collect. This is mentioned on their website:

    You can collect every month 25 Survey Responses for free with no restriction on the length of your survey(s).

    For the details of it, please check out

  • It’s works just fine for me then, thanks for the information! Also sounds more reasonable that than the 10mb that they used to give away.

  • De Questback software is alleszins geen aanrader om op een gebruiksvriendelijke manier enquêtes op te stellen.
    (onmogelijk bv. om zaken in vetjes te zetten in vragen/antwoorden, onvoorspelbaar resultaat hoe de enquête in de inbox van je klanten komt: soms vol HTML-code, soms niet, 4x enquête van mapje verzetten als je aanpassingen wil doen, etc.)

  • Bro… gw udah buat dan sudah abis 25 response utk bulan ini.. tp yg ingin saya tanyakan kenapa di admin juga tidak bisa di buka.. padahal saya mau mengumpulkan data2 dari reponse say… thx

  • Ik moet zeggen dat ik zelf erg tevreden ben met Nettailor Lite. Ik gebruik de gratis versie en kan hem helemaal skinnen naar hoe ik wil. De export naar .tsv en dan importeren in SPSS verloopt ook goed.

  • @Ik Ingram:

    Wij hebben een online onderzoekstool ontworpen die het heel eenvoudig maakt om je enquete te verspreiden onder social media sites. Ga naar of om een gratis account aan te maken. Daarmee kan je tot 100 respondenten gratis per maand ondervragen.

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