How to delete Virus that disables Task Manager, Regedit from launching

Pfeiffersches goes Disco :)Recently, one of our machines was infected by a nasty virus that disables Task Manager and Regedit from launching. I think the virus became active once I clicked on an executable which is the same as the folder name. So if you see a file which has the same name as the folder but with an .exe extension on it, Do Not Click On It! Once clicked, the virus will be activated. That’s when your machine slows down and you can’t access Task Manager. photo credit:

Despite having the latest antivirus patch, scanning the machine seems unsuccessful because there are processes running heavily on the background which I can’t kill since Task Manager is out. After much research and trying, I found a solution to the problem. Since I’m unsure of the name of the virus, these steps may or may not help you but it’s worth giving it a try if you encounter the same symptoms.

1. Download and install AnVir Task Manager Pro. This features of this app is just like task manager. Once installed you will be able to see which nasty process is running so you can temporarily stop it from running. Once stopped you can at least run your machine at its usual speed.

2. Download and install any of these Antivirus Software: Avast (Highly Recommended), Avira, AVG
The antivirus software helped to remove the virus for me. Once downloaded and installed, click on check for updates. After getting the updates, it will automatically scan your machine. In my case, at least 4-5 malwares were caught and quarantined. Without hesitation, I deleted them.

Basically these two types of applications helped me remove the viruses. If you have trouble accessing the internet to download the installations, you can get help from friends. The installers aren’t that big and should fit into a thumbdrive. Do note that you will need to have Internet connection to get updates from Avast, Avira, AVG.

Hope it helps. Any questions or comments, just post below.

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