How to disguise your voice and change the way it sounds

When you’re speaking, do you like the way you sound?

Some people sound like Alvin the Chipmunk while some have really nice voice like President Obama.

I’m sure some of you wished that you had sexier and a more confident voice.

Today I won’t be suggesting that you change your voice by:

  • Going to the doctor
  • Smoking lots of cigarettes
  • Appointing a voice coach

But instead, you can use a software to disguise your voice and change the way you sound when chatting online or recording your voice.

Some of the benefits of using the voice changer software includes:

  • Ability to create your own voice overs for movie, radio, narration or other audo conversations
  • Alter your voice for voicemail greetings and messages
  • Record chat and phone conversations

In the office environment, you can also use the software to record a sales presentation. When discussing online with your boss from another country, you can also disguise your voice so you don’t sound like a little girl. It will probably give both ends more confidence.

My favorite feature has to be the auto voice change setting which you can easily apply. See the screenshot below

Guess what, now you can sound like a baby!

If you are interested to change your voice, give AV Voice Changer [Download Free Trial] a try today.

Another one for you to try is Audacity: a free audio editor and records. I’m not sure if it has auto voice changing capability but it definitely has the ability to change the pitch of your voice recording. Enjoy!


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