How to list users with no passwords in Active Directory

activedirectoryAre you currently managing an Active Directory within your organization?

If yes, then managing the users within the AD environment can be quite difficult without the right tools in place.

One of the most important aspect when managing and Active Directory has to be Security. We have heard about top secret information being accessed simply because one user decided to make his password empty or null because he kept forgetting it. Having an empty password pose a very serious security threat as it can be easily guessed and hacked through brute force.

As the manager of the Active Directory, it’s good that you occasionaly use this free Active Directory Tool called ADManager Plus by ManageEngine to help you list out users with no passwords in your AD.

Utilizing this tool will help you list out all users with null passwords. Once you know who they are, you can proceed to request the users to update their passwords for security purposes.

Hope it helps.

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  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts and suggestions – very helpful, and appreciated indeed.

    On a related note, thought I’d let you know about a very cool new FREE tool called Gold Finger that we have become addicted to it, especially, finding out where all users have permissions in our Active Directory. (We came across it on

    Gold Finger is an instantly deployable Microsoft endorsed Active Directory reporting tool that offers over 200 security reports (including powerful ACL analysis) for FREE.

    It is developed by a Microsoft partner called Paramount Defenses Inc, and I believe was architected by the author of Microsoft’s delegation whitepaper.

    DOWNLOAD LINK: You can download it from

    We’ve been using it for the past two weeks now and love it! If you need a free way to generate AD security reports, you’ll certainly find it very helpful.

    Best wishes,

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