How to run any applications on an external drive

After nearly a month of research, I finally found a solution to a colleague’s IT problem as discussed in this post – How to backup outlook and run it from a USB

With this solution, yes, you can run outlook directly from your external drive. Firstly let me define what external drives could be:

  • External hard disk
  • Ipod
  • USB drive
  • Basically any device which allows you to store digital content

The possible applications that you can run on the external drive:

  • Games
  • Microsoft Outlook 🙂
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Adobe Apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat)
  • You favorite browser with all setttings saved including your favourite bookmarks
  • Basically any applications which you can installed on your machine can be installed in the external drive.

With this solution, the following scenarios are possible:

  • Your Ipod can act as a PC as well. Just install all your applications in it and plug it on any machine for the applications to work.
  • Do a software demo without showing it from your laptop. Just install the software in the external drive, plug it into the client’s machine and present from there.
  • Backup files together with the application required the run the files. During urgent times, having access to the file itself is useless without the application to run it. With this solution you can be assured of accessing not just the file, but the information contained in it as well.

So to cut the long story… what is the solution?

Introducing MojoPac

MojoPac is a friendly technology which allows you to take your entire pc on any storage device such as Ipod or USB drive.

For MojoPac to work, just plug your MojoPac into any PC or notebook and instantly turn it into your own desktop, with instant access to all your files and applications. So yes, it’s like having another set of machine installed in your storage device.

But what about security? Would anyone who has access to my external drive be able to access my files? Definately not. MojoPac has security features built in which requires one to login with a username and password upon plugging in the device. It is like a windows authentication login which you must provide before being allowed access to your desktop. The best part, your applications, browsing history and data is never left behind on the PC it is connected to. What happens on MojoPac, stays on MojoPac.

It’s really easy to create a MojoPac. Just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Download MojoPac
  2. Install MojoPac
  3. Install applications in MojoPac

Give it a try today!

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  • I am interested in MojoPac. It seems only logical to me to be able to store and run my applications from my removable usb device. I am concerned with the licencing agreement. With everything connected to the internet, I believe that Micorsoft and other application developers track the computer information for the computer running their application. It seems grossly unfair to me that once I buy an application that I can not run it on any machine I choose. I do understand the developer not wanting me to run an application on 10 different machines simultaniously, however, I would only be running the application on a single machine at any one time. So, the question is, does MojoPac give me the ability to run Microsoft applications (or any others) from my USB device with out getting into trouble from Microsoft and having them disable my application while I am online?
    Thank You

  • MojoPac is crapware. It does not function at all.
    I installed Outlook 2003 on it, and it won’t run. Says I need IE 4.0 or higher for it to run. I have IE 8.0
    That link you gave is the only way to download the program. has no mention of the program on their website at all.

    Help doesn’t work. Even the “BUY” link to buy the pro version connected to nothing.

    So, I’m still looking for an alternative to Portable Thunderbird.


  • I want to run my software applications from my
    many, external disk drives, on any PC.
    I am a craftsman and enthusiastic photo-grapher
    carrying a computer with me is out of the question.
    Loading my licensed software onto the thousands of
    computers to witch I have access is wasting my time.
    I only have two hands and two eyes!!!
    I have a bag full of 8 GB. USB flash drives.
    12 Mirrored, external 2.5 inch 500 GB. Hdd Comprising
    of (Seagate, Iomega and WD passport).
    How can I plug and play my software from
    my pocket drives?
    W. K. Australian 2010-02-16

  • W.K Australian, We have a developped a software which runs from any USB device and makes makes your entire desktop portable. It supports all kind of mail clients (Outlook, Outlook express, Windows Mail and Lotus Notes), you can carry browsing history (IE or Mozilla Fire Fox), you can carry any kind of Files and Folders and Any applications can be installed to the USB drive. All applications can run from USB drive, let me know if you are intersted to buy this, you can drop me a mail [email protected]. Thanks – Mohan

  • Sounds like it would have been a great solution.
    Unfortunatly Citrix has bought them out, and they no longer exist. Bummer :/

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