Web based Point of Sale (POS) software – MerchantOS

MerchantOS is a web based Point of Sales (POS) software. The greatest thing about this software is that it’s web based thus you can view your store’s system anywhere with an Internet access.

You also no longer need to worry about setting up the environment, ensuring your valuable data is safe and secure.

All the maintenance and IT work are being taken care of by the MerchantOS maintenance people.

Your users will just need to log into the system daily and start entering sales, customers and inventory information.

Some of the MerchantOS’s key features:

  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Inventory Control
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • POS Hardware Compatibility
  • Vendor Catalong
  • and many other features

The first step when you go through MerchantOS is to simply start of by going through the tour.

Second step would be to try to use the software online. After all it’s web based isn’t it?

The last step would be to consider if this software is exactly what your store needs. If yes, the next thing to consider is your available budget. Check out the MerchantOS pricing.

Overall, I think the site is great as it is user friendly and most importantly informative. It lets a potential buyer know exactly the sort of value and benefits the software brings. Do check out MerchantOS for your online web based Point of Sale (POS) solution.

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  • Here is an important consideration…. does the software become completely unavailable if/when the store’s internet connection is down? If so, it might not be an ideal solution – – few people have 100% reliable internet.

  • well i would assume without an active connection yes it would? But I cant see any way to get around tat, you must be connected to the stytem someway

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