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10 Innovative Measures To Improve Mobile App Security

Mobile application security is the measures taken to safeguard the apps from vulnerable cyber attacks. The cyberattacks can be in any form, such as hacking, digital fraud, malware, and other criminal manipulation with the system.

Data security is a must as there are security breaches initiating in one or the other form. And, that becomes a priority to ensure that the mobile application should be secured from the vulnerabilities.

Below are the few causes of data breaches and also the solutions to it.

Common Causes of Data Breaches:

Measures To Address The Causes

The above are the causes and measures of data security. Now, let’s dive deep into it and understand how worse it can be the cause and how effective the measures are.


Improper Session Management

The session is a temporary interchange/interaction between the system and the user. The session is a time frame that a user spends on a particular website or application. As the sessions have a certain time limit and after reaching the time limit, it automatically expires.

This is intentionally done by the app owner considering various factors that may affect, such as security measures, intent to execute the purpose of surfing the app/site, and many more things.

But, the session poses security risks that can lead to data loss, data breach, hacking, and malware attacks. The session handling time is different in different niches. You see, there is longer session handling time in e-commerce sites or apps, while the banking apps have a shorter period.

This is because the app owner of the former wants to speed up the buying purpose, whereas shortening the time in the latter one is solely considering the security risk.

For example, if a user is surfing the banking app, which has longer session handling time, and if in case his/her mobile is stolen or if there is any cyber attack, then it will be easier for a black hat to steal the information or execute the financial fraud.

Data Leakage

There is location on the mobile device where the essential pieces of information are unintentionally stored, and that can be one of the causes of the data security breach.

However, bugs in the operating system or negligence of developers while designing security for the device can be the cause of unintended data leakage.

Weak Authentication

Weak authentication or authorization of the mobile application can be one of the causes of the data security breach.

There are very few apps that don’t require internet connections. And that becomes an opportunity for hackers to enter into a system.

When the apps are offline, it won’t be able to differentiate between the users. This also raises the alarm for the offline authentication of the mobile apps to secure it from the malware attacks.

Hackers can enter into the system and operate mobile apps anonymously, causing data theft and data breach.

When there are weak authorization and easy access to the apps, there will be no difference between a normal user or administrator. Both of them will be able to access the app in the same way.

Broken Cryptography

Keys are an essential tool in encrypting the data. The hackers require keys to unlock the data that is encrypted and stored in a secure location. If the key is stored in an insecure location in the mobile device, hackers can obtain it and fetch out the vital information


Token As The Best Option To Manage Sessions

The token is a physical device that helps the user to gain access to restricted and vital information/data.

Also, it is known as a key to unlock the electronically locked data. Moreover, you can use the token as a substitute for a password.

Additionally, the user can revoke the token, and also can use it for managing user sessions more productively and effectively.

Restrictions On Access Policy

There should be a complete restriction on insecure libraries and frameworks. It is advisable to use secured ones to protect the data from vulnerability.

Also, you can impose a strict policy that includes the uses and restrictions of libraries, APIs, Frameworks and other integrations to the application.

Moreover, there are Google Play Store and Apple Store guidelines that a developer should consider while developing an application for the particular platform. The guidelines include the security measures, uses of trusted tools and technologies, etc.

Hire Dedicated Team

If you want to convert your idea into a virtual platform, then you must require a team that includes developers, designers and quality analysts who can perform the testing of the application as well as check and verify the security levels.

It is advisable to connect with the team or a company that has years of experience and is also well-versed with the recent policies imposed by Google and Apple for building applications and its security concerns.

Apart from hiring, you can also check what is the price to create an application which would help you in planning your budget and also would provide information about time estimate.

Select The Best APIs

The API is an important tool for interconnecting applications with each other. Sometimes, it becomes a headache for backend development.

The apps receive “permission key” before interacting or performing actions, and that key should be secured from the attacks.

Also, you can tighten the security by incorporating the API gateway to your application.

Address High-level Authentication

Authentication refers to securing your apps with different factors such as passwords, two-factor authentication, and many more. As an app owner, you should design an app that only accepts alphanumeric with special characters password. Also, it should be renewed every four months.

Moreover, you can feed questions for recovering a password and even phone and email verification system. Additionally, a retina scan or fingerprint scanner could also be used to secure it from unauthorized access.

Innovative Encryption Tools & Techniques

The encryption is dependent on the keys that are generated once the interaction is initiated. And, it becomes vital to store them in secure containers. Storing the key locally on the device may increase the chances of data losing threats.

Compulsory Testing

The quality assurance team plays a major role in deciding whether the application is ready to launch on the respective platforms or not. The team performs robust testing to leave no stones unturned. They must verify the security of the application and make it ready for the launch.

They also check whether the developers test the code or not. And, if found not untouched, then they test it. This is done to identify loopholes left in the application and fix them with a stronger base.

The Last Words For Security

It is important for app owners to understand the importance of data security and cyber-attacks while planning to build an application.

You can consider the security mentioned above measures for the causes that stated and build an app that becomes challenging for the hackers to breach.

While building an application, the app owners have to take a comprehensive approach and line up the factors that adversely affect mobile app security.

The above measures are enough to tighten the security of the application, and I hope this would help you in crafting a quality & customer-oriented app.

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