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5 reasons for having an Integrated School Management System

Optimizing the school with an ERP

The education system has become complex today. The old system of managing everything manually is redundant or difficult to manage with now. With rising population, changing academic curriculum, importance of extra-curricular activities and most importantly ever-growing need and dependence of internet & role of technology in our lives, efficient internet-based tools are a “lifeline” that supports every organization today.

A school Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a school management software, which integrates and automates the whole administrative and operational tasks of an organization. From interpreting to storing, from editing to transfer, an ERP is a cross-functional software that automates a large number of business action processes.

5 reasons why a school needs a fully integrated school ERP

Managing the complete admission process student’s registration, admission with an automated school ERP: filling of registration forms, streamlining the admission process can be tedious, hectic and tiresome, but with a school management system, these steps will become easy and convenient, both for parents and the school. From standing in queues to keeping track of loose paper sheets, from timely updates about interview dates to notifications regarding fee payment, an efficient school ERP streamlines and synchronizes all these steps online.

Optimizing student and staff information: Information regarding student’s attendance, their exam assessment, extra-curricular activities, circulars are all updated on the portals from where parents instantly get updates regarding the same. Through this, there is a seamless flow of communication between, parents and teachers, transforming education into a team effort.  Further, it also stores data of every student and their siblings and along with the teacher’s information.

Fee, billing and financial accounting: Finance is a core business segment of every organization. An error-free ready to use data in hand can be useful for the school to deal with the taxation system of the country and to present to authorities as and when needed and additionally it can release a huge load from a person and simplify the process. Payment of fees and other dues, transfer of payments can be done anytime by the parents and school authority anytime. With school management software, the school can access information regarding school finances in a single click.

Centralized database: With the proportion of varied data in a school regarding students and teachers, keeping an efficient information management system in place has become mandatory today. Streamlining a vast data about students’ admission, attendance, exam assessment, student and staff information, finance and accounting, payroll management, inventory management is not possible manually. Managing so much data manually can take up a lot of time with possibilities of errors.

An ERP with a centralized database can precisely handle large volume data, it can segment, filter, edit, store and update information in real-time. A customized ERP solution can standardize the work according to the needs of the school.

Prepares detailed reports: An established and efficient ERP prepares reports based on the data generated and stored in it. These reports can help the school in analyzing areas more comprehensively and make decisions based on correct information. communication portals. By this, the school can evaluate the performance of its’ students, teachers and staff. It can also compare the infrastructure from other schools and find areas where it can make improvements. Detailed reports can also help in enhancing the level of transparency and accountability in the school.

Moreover, it not only helps in just bringing transparency and accountability in the school’s process, but it also enhances the standard of the school by promoting the digitalization of the school according to the needs of the time and simultaneously training the students in an internet-based academic curriculum.

So why not switch to a school management system that can automate every administrative and operational function which can enhance the level of coordination and communication within the organization?

With the regular tasks left to the computers, the teachers can put in all their time, energy and effort for the students. With a lot of time saved, heads of school and teachers can think of new models of imparting education that can suit the needs of the day and prepare the students accordingly.

This internet-based utility tool has revamped the education sector totally. Ed-tech solution is a requirement today. It can assure peace of mind by providing safety, security, and stability by integrating and optimizing the whole school system.  By going online, we can also serve the environment by reducing the load on mother earth. Going paperless is the way ahead to be green and remain green!

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