Aptana Studio – a free alternative to Dreamweaver

Aptana StudioIt wasn’t long ago when most web designers and web developers depended on Dreamweaver as their preferred web development tool.

These days, many alternatives to Dreamweaver have emerged and a free one that I would like to highlight today is Aptana Studio – an industry leading web development software which allows web applications to be developed quickly and easily.

Aptana Studio has transformed into one of the leading cross platform IDE to build web applications with the best user web experience.

You can work on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails while using the Integrated Development Environment.

The framework that Aptana Studio is using is quite similar to that of Eclipse if you have used the Eclipse IDEs for different languages.

Aptana Studio helps you get a better feel of your codes by highlighting the syntax for all the languages that have been mentioned making the job and code management a lot easier.

Aptana highlights syntax

The automatic checking feature enables you to eradicate all the errors that persist in your program: anything ranging from typing errors to syntax errors stands out right away.

The code assist feature of Aptana Studio helps you out with HTML, CSS and JavaScript so the next time you craft a code, you make no syntax related mistakes.

It also helps to manage your application by letting you know which browsers your code will work perfectly with ensuring your web application runs fine on all browsers.

You get to have the debugging feature for JavaScript that I have tested and reviewed thoroughly and it works pretty good and make your JavaScript code clean and healthy for at least Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

For those who develop applications and web pages using JavaScript, you’ll have a good experience with the IDE as it has libraries containing JavaScript and Ajax Frameworks to aid in your code crafting process.

Aptana Studio’s live preview capability integrates with your browser and makes it easier for you to preview the output of your code either as a separate or side by side view.

Aptana Live Preview

The only cons that I noticed about Aptana Studio is it does not allow you to create applications where legacy codes are being used therefore any application that needs to have legacy codes can’t be developed on the IDE.

The way Aptana Studio can be used is extensive enough to make the IDE be among one of the major market leaders.

My experience with Aptana Studio for web application development has been marvelous. Check out the latest version of Aptana Studio 3 today!

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