Automatically convert a photo to a painting

Check out the photo below. King of the Deserts.

camel - Original

With the help of a free tool, a couple of clicks turns the photo to an oil painting. See below. Photo by :: Suwaif ::

camel - FotoSketcher

It’s really simple to create an oil painting drawing with FotoSketcher – a freeware that helps turn your photos into beautiful paintings, sketches, or drawings in seconds.

FotoSketcher Logo

With FotoSketcher, all you need to do in order to turn photos into nice-looking drawings is simply select from some of the following preset settings:


The following are outcomes from the various drawing styles:

Black and white pencil sketch effects

black and white pencil sketch

Colored pencil sketch effects

color pencil sketch

Pen & Ink sketch effects

pen and ink sketch

Watercolor painting effects

painting water color sketch

Do note that these presets are not fixed as you can adjust some of the following parameters:

  • Drawing style
  • Color blending
  • Precision of paintbrush
  • Strength of effect
  • Darken / lighten

Once you’re happy setting the above parameters, you can save the parameters to be applied to other photos in the future.

How to use fotosketcher demo

Besides creating sketches, you can also choose to add a frame or some wordings to the drawing.

With this neat freeware, I’m sure I won’t have to fire up Photoshop in a long time.

Check out and download FotoSketcher (Windows only) today and start to impress your art teacher.

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