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Automatically convert a photo to a painting

Check out the photo below. King of the Deserts.

With the help of a free tool, a couple of clicks turns the photo to an oil painting. See below. Photo by :: Suwaif ::

It’s really simple to create an oil painting drawing with FotoSketcher – a freeware that helps turn your photos into beautiful paintings, sketches, or drawings in seconds.

With FotoSketcher, all you need to do in order to turn photos into nice-looking drawings is simply select from some of the following preset settings:

The following are outcomes from the various drawing styles:

Black and white pencil sketch effects

Colored pencil sketch effects

Pen & Ink sketch effects

Watercolor painting effects

Do note that these presets are not fixed as you can adjust some of the following parameters:

Once you’re happy setting the above parameters, you can save the parameters to be applied to other photos in the future.

Besides creating sketches, you can also choose to add a frame or some wordings to the drawing.

With this neat freeware, I’m sure I won’t have to fire up Photoshop in a long time.

Check out and download FotoSketcher (Windows only) today and start to impress your art teacher.

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