Best way to track time spent on multiple projects with Toggl

Project 365: Day 177 - Busy Days!When I was an IT consultant a few years back, I remember how difficult it was to track the time spent on multiple projects. photo credit: Cara Photography

While working on a key project, I’ll occasionally need to help out on other projects elsewhere.

At the end of each month when it’s time to submit my timesheet for client billing purposes, I’ve had trouble figuring out the number of hours spent on each project since I was here and there most of the time.

Every month end, I would have to take a wild guess by entering an estimated number of hours spent on the projects. But this got me worried as I might be over stating hours for one client while another client understated.

There must be a better way to this problem besides using Notepad to track time.

Searching around I found this really cool online tool which allows us to track our time easily using our PC, Mac, iPhone or Android phone.

The web based tool is Toggl – online time tracking that works.

Previously I have reviewed a PC based desktop application which automatically tracks and logs our PC activities.

The difference between both apps is that Toggl is web based which allows us to track time from more devices rather than just the PC. If you’re out for a site visit, simply launch Toggl via your smartphone and begin tracking time spent on the site.

You could be working on any of the following without having to worry about remembering what you’ve done when.

From the screenshot above, you can see that there’s a continue link which allows you to easily continue a task and resume tracking the time spent for the task.

To begin tracking time spent on a task / project, all you need to do is to fill in the description and click on the Start button after which it will look like this.

Note that you can group a task by creating a new project as well as adding the relevant tags.

One of Toggl’s key feature has to be it’s ability to tag a task as billable so when it’s time to invoice your client, you can easily track the number of hours that you’ve spent working on their project.

The reporting capability provides a consolidated view of all your time spent over a period of time.

Toggl reports can be easily filtered based on projects, tasks, tags and the details can be exported to csv or pdf format.

For those who prefer not to launch the browser just to begin tracking time with Toggl, there’s a desktop version for Windows, Mac and Linux so you could track time a lot faster.

All organizations should encourage their employees to use Toggl for improved productivity from better time and task management.

To begin tracking your time spent today, check out Toggl – the best way to track time spent on multiple projects.

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