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party at mine today!Take a look at your desktop right now… photo credit:

Is it organized or messy? How much more desktop space do you have?

For myself I always like to save new documents and files onto the desktop so I know it’s there for me to take action on.

Anything which is not on the desktop, I tend to forget it’s there in the first place.

At the moment my desktop is kinda messy. See it for yourself.

If I don’t do something about it, soon the entire desktop will be filled up with icons!

I spend more than 5 hours a day using my laptop and looking at a disorganized desktop can really be frustrating. It just feels as if many things are incomplete and left hanging.

Something needs to be done to better organize my desktop. Previously I would create folders and place the relevant documents / files in it.

The problem with this method is that over time, say 2 to 3 months from now, the desktop can become messy again.

Maybe there’s an even better way for us all to have clean and tidy desktop.

With this free windows desktop app – Fences by Stardock, our desktops will never be messy again.

Fences is a windows desktop program that helps us better organize our desktop and hide icons when not in use.

I downloaded Fences, installed it on my machine and this is the outcome of it.

Clean and organized desktop

See how the icons are now grouped in within a fence which is scrollable. It looks very neat and orderly, I would say!

You can create as many fences as you wish. Simply right click your mouse and drag a box shape to create one.

Create fences

By default any new files that you save onto the desktop will be place outside the fences. To begin organizing your icons, just drag and drop into its appropriate fences.

So there you go. I hope this quick and simple review on Fences helps to provide a better way to manage your desktop icons.

Give Fences a try today!

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