Change photo background online with Aviary

Can you believe that the image above was edited online via a browser? Neat huh?

The baby in the picture is my son, Jun Meng. He’s just 8 months old when this pic was taken.

I basically added on the picture a party hat, a flag and a text saying I love you MOM! And all these were done online via a browser without having to install anything on my notebook.

If you would like to edit your images, such as changing a photo background online, head on over to Aviary – a free online image editor similar to photoshop UI.

There are three key tools within Aviary:

  1. Phoenix – an online image editor
  2. Peacock – an online visual laboratory
  3. Toucan – an online color swatches and palettes

Of these three online tools, only Phoenix is free to use. To access the other two tools, there will be a minimal subscription fee.

What I really like about Aviary Phoenix is the user interface and the editing toolset which is quite similar to Photoshop. When the image editing tool was launched the learning curve was nearly zero for me as I was already familiar with how Photoshop works. I could easily crop the images, add layers, use the magic wand to remove some background colors. All done within 15 minutes. I definetely couldnt achieve the same results using GIMP. The only downside with Phoenix is you can’t right click for additional functions.

For those who are not familiar with image editing, there are many online tutorials available from Aviary’s website itself, such as creating borders, background cloning, casting shadows for you to learn and improve your image editing skills.

Since I do not have Photoshop installed on my notebook, I’ll definately be visiting Aviary constantly for all my image editing purposes. As for subscribing to Aviary Pro, i’ll probably be doing that once I’ve gone though the tutorials. For now I cant really visualize how these extra tools can assist or provide value.

Check out Aviary today!

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