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The key difference between Sage 50 and Sage 50cloud

Sage 50 is an advanced and established bookkeeping and accounting software. It’s suitable for bookkeepers and entrepreneurs with a business foundation in finance.

In the past, Sage 50 was created specifically for desktops/servers whereby the data is stored within the machine only.

With cloud technology getting a lot more advanced these days, Sage 50c was created specifically to allow data to be stored in the cloud and securely shared among the accountants and management team of an organization.

With Sage 50, whenever an invoice needs to be generated, the personnel needs to head into the office where the software is installed and perform the action from that machine.

By using Sage 50c, invoices can be generated even from the comfort of the user’s home as long as an internet connection is available.

Even with Sage 50c’s advanced cloud accounting features, there are some business owners who feel that it’s best to keep data related to their organization’s finances securely locked within an office desktop. Sage 50 is a software that is better suited for owners with this preference.

With the much improved Sage 50c out in the market, they have managed to grab more satisfied users and succeeded as a Top Rated Accounting Platform by software users on TrustRadius.

Product background and overview

Complete, out-of-the-box-desktop accounting software, with secure cloud and mobile access, for small & medium-sized businesses.

Sage 50c country of origin

United Kingdom – Newcastle

Sage 50c pricing

Sage 50 has three types of pricing packages, costing from $439 / year to $1,729 / year. All packages incorporate fundamental bookkeeping features, for example, account administration, receipt conveyance, and installment handling.

The premium accounting package includes inventory management features and user permission control to further protect sensitive information.

The price for both Pro and Premium packages allows for only 1 user license however the Quantum Accounting packages come with a 3-user license. At a steeper price of $1,729 a year, users get to enjoy all features with an additional capability to track jobs, projects, and profitability especially for those in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Who the product is suited for

Sage 50c is suited to all types of small businesses that want the familiarity, trust, and productivity of desktop software alongside the freedom and control of smart, innovative, and secure cloud and mobile access.

Sage 50c key product features

Other key Sage 50c benefits

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