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Free home and office planning software – by IKEA

What are your home and office environment like?

A bit messy with furniture placed here and there?

If it is so, then it’s time you redesign your place and put in some nice and trendy looking furniture.

Did you know that if your bedroom is nice, clean and comfortable, you’ll have much better rest and be more productive? Also, a comfortable office environment encourages us to be more creative and motivated at work.

As for myself, every time I go to a furniture mall, I would look at how nice the furniture is placed and arranged. Then I thought, if only there’s free software to help me to plan where and how I should place my furniture.

Researching through the Internet, I found out about a free home and office planning software provided by IKEA.

Since it was free, I downloaded it and gave the IKEA planner software a try.

Available for download is

After trying the planner for 20 minutes, I found the software to work well without any glitches. My objective was to redesign my bedroom with some new furniture and indeed it was achieved within 20 minutes. The instructions on how to use the planner were clear and user friendly.

See the video below on how the software works:

The first step in the planner would be to define the shape of my room.

The second step is to put the furniture where ever I want it to be.

Once done, I just previewed it in a 3D view. I find this feature to be the best as it provides me with the first glimpse of what my room would look like.

The following are the benefits of using IKEA planners:

Obviously anyone can benefit from IKEA planners whether you’re redesigning the office space, living room, or even the kitchen.

But what’s the catch of the planning tool? All the furniture that you can pick and choose from within the software is IKEA furniture!

Great for IKEA lovers. It has to be programmed this way since they are the software provider. Just remember to click on the Item List button from time to time to ensure that the furniture you choose does not exceed your budget during these times.

Thank you, IKEA. Download IKEA planner software today!

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