Free Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Templates 2020

successThe other day a college student asked me this. How can organizations be successful?

I told him, in order for organizations to be successful, they must firstly set for themselves some goals which can be achieved and measured by the entire organization as a whole.

Then he asked, how can organizations know if they have achieved their goals?

That’s easy, through key performance indicators (KPI), I said. 🙂

Key performance indicators are commonly used by organizations to help define and measure progress towards an organization’s goals.

Defining goals for the organization without developing its KPI usually leads to goals that are forever moving, changing, and unachievable. This is because people within an organization do not know which area they need to do well and focus in order to realize an organization’s goal.

So the next big question is, have your organization set goals and defined its KPI?

If yes that’s great, just keep working towards those KPI targets.

If not, then there’s this online web-based site called which provides free key performance indicator templates to help with all your KPI development needs.

All you need to do is join KPI Library for FREE and begin to use it to:

  • Get help from KPI experts
  • Search over 2500 KPIs by industry or process
  • Compare benchmark scores with industry peers

Once you get your login access, you can begin to browse for

  • Industry-specific KPIs
  • General process KPIs and business metrics

Some sample KPI by industries include:

  • Aviation, Rail, Ship & Truck
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Education & Research
  • Emergency, Police & Justice
  • Farming & Agriculture
  • Goods & Manufacturing
  • Government

Some sample KPI by processes include:

  • Finance, Legal & Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Innovation, Improvement & Quality
  • Internet & E-business

KPI Library Screenshot

The search function also allows you to easily search for KPIs within your industry or process.

Recently, Green IT has been mentioned a lot. Trying to search for some KPIs within those involved in Green IT reveals the following:

  • Datacenter power usage effectiveness
  • % of servers located in data centers
  • % recycled printer paper
  • % of the energy used from renewable sources

If none of the KPIs that you need are available, you could also try to ask the domain experts who are more than willing to share their knowledge.

KPI Library Ask a KPI Question

Another key feature of KPI Library is its Groups Directory which allows you to create a group to invite members to collaborate on KPIs.

You can also join existing groups such as the:

  • Microsoft User Group – for users of Microsoft software for the support of their business processes
  • Oracle User Group – for users of Oracle software for the support of their business processes
  • SAP User Group – for users of SAP software for the support of their business processes
  • and many more groups

So there you go, a site for all your KPI development needs. Check out today!

Key differences between free edition and pro edition

What is KPI Library?

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