List of Free Movie Maker Downloads

The following list of free movie maker downloads are highly recommended as an alternative to Windows Movie Maker.

AVS Video Editor (Direct Download)

  • Perfect for home editing where you can simple create your own movie with a few simple drag and drop. Also includes the ability to add sound / audio to your video clip, record your voice over it, include text comments, subtitles and choose from over 300 video effects and transitions. Do note that this software will be available for free but there will be a watermark on your video. Removing the watermark will require a license.

FreeMake Video Convertor / Editor

  • FreeMake Video Convertor / Editor is a freeware which allows you to easily convert between video formats, cut, join, rotate videos, and even upload your edited videos to YouTube. With a long video file, you can cut unwanted parts, join other videos to create a full length movie. People are also using this free software to create photo slideshow with background music.


  • VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms and is streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It is capable of batch processing capabilities and is geared towards processing AVI files, MPEG-1 and also sets of BMP images. If your capture device is Video for Windows compatible, then VirtualDub can capture video with it.


  • The worlds first Open Source Realtime Editing and Effects System. Jahshaka takes advantage of the power of OpenGL and OpenML to give its users exceptional levels of performance. Jahshaka currently supports Linux, OsX, Irix and Windows, and Solaris is on the way!

ZS4 Video Editor

  • ZS4 Video Editor can be used like an object oriented photo-manipulation program with a timeline: things that can be manipulated in a photo (workshop) program can be manipulated in ZS4 using parameters which alter over time.


  • It is a great tool to work with .AVI files. Regardless of small executable size, this avi editor offers you unlimited power of digital video processing. Some high-tech tricks included into AVIedit allows you to perform with ease and fun the many interesting things, like video warping, color restore, noise reduction, etc. AVIedit allows you to join and split avi files, extract frames, capture video, heavy compress, recompression and more features.

DebugMode Wax

  • Wax can create 2D & 3D special effects and can work in two modes – as a standalone application which would appeal for home users/beginners, and as a “plug-in” to video editors/NLEs which would be more useful for professional editors. Currently Wax can work as a plug-in with Sony Vegas®, Pure Motion EditStudio and Adobe Premiere® and work for integrating with various other NLEs is in progress.
    Input formats : AVI, WAV, all popular image formats.
    Output formats : AVI, MPEG, WAV, Flash, all popular image formats.
    (AVI and WAV formats support compressed audio too, using Audio Codecs installed in your PC).

Portable Movie Maker

———————————— End of windows OS free tools —————————————

The following list movie makers / video editors for Linux OSes.


  • PiTiVi is a free and open source video editor based on the GStreamer multimedia framework.


  • Kdenlive is completely free, intuitive and a powerful multi-track video editor which includes most recent video technologies.


  • Cinelerra is a movie studio in a box which does primarily 3 things: capturing, compositing, and editing audio and video with sample level accuracy.

————————- End of Linux based video editing tools ———————–

The following list of free trial video editing software. After you download and install, the software will function as if it’s a full featured paid software. Only drawback is there will be a watermark on the output of the video. To remove the watermark would require a license to be purchased.

AVS Video Editor

  • Direct Transfer to iPod, PSP, Mobiles and Other Portable Players
  • Supports Virtually ALL Video Formats
  • Burn Movie DVDs
  • Capture and Edit Video from External Devices
  • Edit Video and Enhance Your Movies
  • Create Slide Shows
  • Make Perfect Audio for Your Video Editing Tasks
  • Scene Detection
  • Convenient Video Editing Tools and Interface

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