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sample web based invoiceAbout two months back, I wrote a post about an open source web based invoicing software called BambooINVOICE.

I believe many have benefited from this open source tool. The only drawback about BambooINVOICE is that you will need to download the source codes and attempt to install it on your own web server.

Since this is a web based application, the installation process isn’t as simple as installing a desktop application where we just need to click next to everything and the application installs automatically.

In order to install BambooInvoice, you’ll need some experience with php, apache, and mysql. Of course you could also depend on web server packages like XAMPP to cut down on the installation steps.

But if you do not have any prior experience with any of these web installations, then you may have some difficulty trying to use BambooInvoice. If only there’s an option whereby the app is hosted on their servers for people to use, just like Google Docs.

If you currently need a free web based invoicing tool without the hassle to install and manage servers, then Sage’s Billing Boss is the right tool which caters for all your invoicing needs.

sagespark billing boss logoBilling Boss is a free online invoicing tool designed for small businesses and freelancers.

These are some key features of Billing Boss:

  • Manage invoices (create, edit, delete invoices)
  • Accept online payment (Paypal, Sage Card Services, Credit Cards)
  • Share data (invite your accountant to view your invoices)
  • Web based (access from anywhere)
  • Mobile version (compatible with iPhone and Google G1)

Since Billing Boss was free to sign up and use, I gave it a quick try. In less than a minute, I had access into Billing Boss and this is what I tried out.

  1. Created a new invoice
  2. Added a new customer
  3. Saved my invoice
  4. Applied a new style on to the invoice
  5. Sent the invoice to a client (own email) and received it successfully
  6. Saved the invoice as a PDF for records purposes
  7. Recorded a payment for the invoice
  8. Viewed invoice report
  9. Viewed payment report

After trying out Billing Boss, I’m confident that it works well and gets the job done. This tool is highly recommended for those who are still manually managing their invoices via Excel or Word invoicing templates.

So for those of you who would like to send out an invoice in within the next couple of minutes, Billing Boss is your hassle free online invoicing and billing tool.

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Bob Lee

Hi! My name is Bob Lee and I’m a web developer / technical writer who specializes in developing and reviewing web applications. As an entrepreneur, blogger, developer, and tech enthusiast, I have been in this field for more than 10 years, and have been loving every minute of it.


  • Thanks for the kind words! I’m with the team that develops Billing Boss. We’re glad it works for you. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

  • You’re welcome Chuck. I love to write about free tools and I’m sure my readers would benefit from BillingBoss.

    Do remember to let me know if Sage has developed more free tools in the future. Will try my best to mention it on my site.

  • je suis pas capable d accédé a mon billing boss en francais le langage ne change pas quand je clic en français?????

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