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FREE to download POS software for bars and restaurants

Are you an owner of a bar or restaurant? If yes, are you running any POS software to better manage your business?

One really tedious task for all owners at the end of the day includes calculating and summing up the total sales made for the day. Imagine if there are a total of 500 customers in a day. We are talking about manually calculating 500 bills in a day just find out the total sales made for the day. This problem will not exist if your bar or restaurant is running on a POS software. Photo by The Consumerist

There are many advantages of running a POS software which includes:

Any of the following food and beverages (F&B) business can benefit from implementing a POS software:

There are many POS software out there in the market today. Some can even cost up to $40,000 to implement. Unless your F&B outlet makes a lot of money, it’s best to start of with something which is more affordable.

One such POS software which is free for your to download and try is FreePOS

Some key features of FreePOS includes:

Some sample screenshots of FreePOS:

FreePOS can be installed on either Windows XP or Vista and can be integrated with various peripherals such as:

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