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Free tool to scan assets within the domain and network

software assetsRecently I read some news about a home and bedding furnishing retailer being fined for possessing pirated software.

Possessing and utilizing pirated software may be easy and cost-free, but in the long run, if an organization is caught using unlicensed or cracked software, the disadvantages include:

For an organization which is just starting out with their businesses, it is highly advisable that they go for genuine software to ensure their business isn’t disrupted by any software related problems.

If cost is an issue, do consider open source alternatives. Most open source software can be downloaded and utilized for free. A great site to check out open source software is

But if some of your users feel it’s vital to own a particular software, try talking to the software vendors for discounts or partial payments for the software as your business grows. Some even have special programs to help out start-ups such as the Microsoft BizSpark program.

Now, if your organization is already profitable and making money, it’s really important to ensure that your business stays clean and legal in terms of all software and hardware assets.

It can be unfortunate if one bad employee breaks the rule by installing some pirated software within the office environment which causes the company to get in trouble for it.

So the big question is, how can we easily find out what hardware and software have been installed and placed within the organization’s network?

Today’s post will be about a free tool called ManageEngine AssetExplorer for your network administrators to scan all assets such as the hardware and software available within the office domain and network.

Do note that the free version of ManageEngine AssetExplorer allows you to manage up to 25 nodes. To try out with more nodes, simply download the trial version instead.

After downloading and trying out AssetExplorer, what I can say is that this free software is complete and comprehensive enough for all your asset management needs.

Some key observations include:

AssetExplorer’s key features include:

AssetExplorer screenshots:

Choose AssetExplorer Server Type

AssetExplorer Dashboard once logged in

AssetExplorer Purchase Order Flow

Step by Step, click Next type Configuration Wizard

Administration Page

Here you go, a free tool for you to scan your office network for its hardware and software assets. Head on over to ManageEngine AssetExplorer website and begin tracking all your assets today!

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