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How much does it cost to implement SAP Business One?

Your boss just told you to evaluate the possibilities to implement SAP solutions.

But do you know where and how to start?

When it comes to enterprise systems implementation, the few aspects that will be evaluated are cost, time to implement as well as resource availability. For most organizations, a budget would firstly be allocated.

Let’s take a possible scenario where company Alpha decides to implement an ERP system to enhance and automate their current business processes. A budget of $100,000 USD is allocated. The first system that comes to your mind is SAP Business One which is popular and well known.

To find out if your system requirements can be fulfilled by SAP in terms of cost and features, one way would be to just contact SAP directly. But if you rather do some initial research from the web, SAP has a site that allows you to easily configure SAP Business One based on your organization’s business needs.

Introducing the Solution Configurator for SAP Business All-In-One

Via the solution configurator, all you need to specify is the industry you’re in, either Manufacturing, Service or Trade as well as the number of employees and users within your organization. Clicking on the OK button will reveal all related modules within your industry. For this particular example, I selected the Service Industry and the following modules were displayed:


Materials Management



Oh yea, have you seen this video on SAP Business One? Check it out.

Since the selected industry was Services, none of the modules within Manufacturing such as Logistics Planning or Make to Stock – Process Industry were selected. But this does not mean that you cannot include any of the modules. You can easily add any of the optional modules by selecting on its checkbox.

When you select a specific industry, the mandatory modules are preselected. Take for example a module within Accounting called Online Split. I have no clue at all what this module is about and why it’s made mandatory. To find out more about Online Split, simply click on the box provided and a simple description is provided.

To find out more, clicking on the show factsheet link reveals the scenario highlights, process flow, function list, and key points. This module information will definitely assist potential customers in the evaluation process.

Now for the best part! The price estimation which includes SAP & Database Software, first-year maintenance, deployment services, and hardware. For the example above the estimated price was MYR 574,000 approximately USD 164,000 for 1000 employees and 30 users. The MYR was displayed because I selected Malaysia as the country.

For sure this pricing is not going to be a final price but it does provide a good estimation considering the modules which are included as well as the number of users. If your organization is smaller and does not require as many as 30 users, lowering the number of users to just 10 brings the price down to MYR 309,000 approximately USD 88,000.

Hesitate no more. Head on over to to the Solution Configurator for SAP Business All-In-One site to find out how much it costs to implement SAP Business One in your country.

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