How to better manage paper receipts using Expensify

Close-up of the receipts spooling outWhen I was an IT consultant a few years back, I was given the opportunity to travel abroad for several project implementations. photo credit: ben_onthemove

Some trips were 2 weeks long while some about 3 months.

During my stay there, I had to safe keep all paper receipts as proof of expenses.

Once I lost a whole stack of receipts and couldn’t provide the proof required to claim the expensed amount.

If only there’s a better way to manage these paper receipts, I thought then.

Today I stumbled on this site called Expensify, an online web based SaaS Expenses Management tool.

With Expensify, you can create online expense reports easily. But one neat feature that caught my attention has to be the ability to attach receipts to an expense.

Previously during every month end, I would have to gather all paper receipts and fill up the details of each expenses into an Excel Sheet before submitting it to the Finance department for claims purposes. I find this task tedious, unproductive and time consuming, especially when there are too many receipts.

Using Expensify, rather than waiting till month end to compile and search for paper receipts, I can easily just take a picture of the receipt using my Asus Garmin G60 and send the image via email to my Expensify account.

By doing this immediately after receiving a receipt, I no longer need to worry about where I kept my paper receipts as a copy of it is already residing in my Expensify account. See below for a sample screenshot.

Yes, I should have rotated the image prior to uploading it! 🙂

But this is really cool. From now on, whenever I have a receipt, I would just take a picture of it and send it to my Expensify account so that over time, I know I how much money is spent on what items.

If you’re located in the US, Expensify also has the ability to help you import data from your credit card or checking account so you can easily collect all data for your month end online expense report.

So the next time you’re stuffing receipts into your wallet, stop doing that and just snap a picture of it and upload to your Expensify account, definitely a better way to manage paper receipts. Enjoy!

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