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How to conduct exams or tests online for free

The year-end exam is just around the corner. Students who haven’t been studying much fear the exam period the most as they try to do some last-minute revisions. Teachers too have much to worry about when the exams are near as there are many things to plan and execute for an exam to be conducted successfully.

Basically, both students and teachers have much work to do during the exam period. Photo by Michael Surran.

For examiners, they need to:

For all teachers, is your learning institution considering ways on how to simplify and automate the management of exams or test?

If yes, today I’ll be recommending an open-source computer-based online exam management tool called TCExam for your school or learning center to conduct exams or tests online.

TCExam is a free and open-source web-based (PHP, MySQL) computer-based assessment / computer-based testing system that allows educators to author, schedule, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests, and exams.

I have given TCExam a try and found the following benefits:

But by conducting an online exam, the following are some challenges:

Whether or not the benefits of conducting online exams outweigh the challenges, that’s for you to decide.

Some key features of TCExam include:

The installation for TCExam was simple, as it was installed successfully on my XAMPP platform without any problems.

However, when trying to set up my first test/exam, I encountered some difficulties as I wasn’t really sure how to use the system. After hours of trying out TCExam, I finally decided that I should RTFM. This online manual provides a step by step instruction from creating users all the way to creating a simple test, after which I was convinced that TCExam works well and is worth recommending.

So if you need to conduct exams or tests online for free, consider setting up TCExam today.

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