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How to create a slideshow with music and pictures

Recently a friend asked if I know of a way to create a simple slideshow with music and pictures in it which can eventually be published on the web for his potential customers to view easily.

My initial response to him was to use Microsoft Powerpoint and save the ppt file as a single file web page (*.mht) format.

He told me that he doesn’t have Powerpoint installed on his machine and isn’t planning to purchase one just to be able to create a slideshow with music and pictures.

Any free alternatives? He asked.

I searched around and stumbled on this freeware called WebProjector – a freeware web slideshow.

Web Projector is a simple slideshow creator that has been developed based on Flex technology to help you create slideshows easily for publishing on the web.

Before proceeding, do check out this demo slideshow created via Web Projector.

In the following, I will walk you through how you can easily create the slideshow which contains music (.mp3) and pictures (.jpg, .gif).

Firstly you’ll need to download Web Projector (zip). Once downloaded, unzip the content and you should see the following file content.

In order to add your own images, simply place them all in the images folder and give it appropriate names, for example

In the root folder, you should also notice there is a music file called music.mp3 Simply replace the mp3 file with one of your choice.

Once you have placed in the images and music file, the last step is to edit the xml file – projector.xml.

To do that, simply right click on the file, select open with > Wordpad.

Scroll all the way down and you should see the following lines of xml text.

If you have added additional images into the images folder such as image4.jpg and image5.jpg, simply add the following lines after image3 and before </slides>



Once done, launch the index.html file to test your slideshow. It’s really that simple.

Besides adding images and music file, you can also tweak some of the other settings such as:

When everything looks good, simply upload all the files to your web server, get it’s url and begin sending the link to people.

Hopefully today’s post helps anyone out there who’s looking for a way to create a slideshow with music and pictures to be published online.

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