How to create an organization chart online for free

org-chartNeed to create an organization chart? If you have Microsoft Powerpoint or OpenOffice’s Impress installed on your machine, you should be able to create the org chart easily in a few minutes.

But let’s say you’re using a public computer without any office productivity software installed. Is there a way to create an org chart online for free? Image by Todd Huffman

The answer is YES, it’s possible.

Some org chart creator requires you to purchase a software license to use while some gives you a trial version to test before purchasing. Each software definitely has its pro and cons. Some are able to create really nice and neat org charts, while some free ones help you achieve the same results but without the extra cream on top.

If you’re fine with a simple organization chart creator which you could create for free online, the following are two sites I would recommend:

chartle is a site for you to create simple and interactive charts online. One of the key charts that you can create using Chartle is an organization chart. See below for a sample that I’ve created.

Org Chart from Chartle

Creating the org chart is a very simple process. Simply fill up two values – the name and the parent name to create the linkages. You can also enter html to make the org chart look better.

Once you’ve completed creating the chart, you can:

  • Publish the chart
  • Share the chart with colleagues
  • Embed the chart on a website
  • Take a screenshot of it and include it anywhere, just like above.’s org chart creator definitely gets the job done.


Cogmap is an organizational chart wiki that lets you see, edit and create organization charts for companies online. See below for a sample.


Most companies struggle to keep their organization chart up to date with staffs joining and leaving the organization. Cogmap is designed specifically to help address this problem. Since it is wiki based where by anyone with rights can edit the org chart as and when necessary, it really does make the org chart easy to update.

The best feature about this tool is its ability to search and highlight a person’s position and location on the org chart simply by entering his name. This is an important feature especially if the org chart grows too big, say to at least six levels across many departments.

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So here you go, two good and free sites for you to create an organization chart online. If I do stumble on more sites like these, will update accordingly. Till the, enjoy.

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  • I have a task to create orgchart and publish that on my forum for discussion.

    Cogmap is not the right tool to do this.

    IMHO this tool is very very startup and is not ready for wide use.

  • Free tools definitely help you out at an early stage of an organization but when the company grows, you need better tools to handle the complexiy of charts..something like web plugins or sharepoint web parts.

  • Great
    article Bob! The org charts
    that are made with Chartle & Cogmap can also be made with SmartArt
    graphics in excel. However if the organization is large with frequent succession and transition, then I would recommend humanconcepts org chart software.
    Input your HR data and get your org charts done in minutes!

  •  Yes org charts or organization charts are a great help to manage employee structure. I recently used one of the website’s product called Chart Genie which helped me a lot to create such kind of charts. Website can be found at I hope it will work.

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