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How to generate Active Directory security reports for free

You’ve just been hired to manage and maintain your organization’s Active Directory (AD) containing more than a thousand users in it.

Since the previous AD administrator left without providing any sort of documentation or details on how the AD was organized, you’re on your own to find out some answers.

From all the users in AD, you wonder how many user accounts:

One key task given by your immediate supervisor is for you to find out all the user accounts which do not require passwords to login. This task is considered important to accomplish because there have been cases whereby these user accounts were being misused to gain access to company information.

Your supervisor instructed that as a general rule of thumb, all future user accounts must be created with a password that expires every 2 months.

But now, you need a way to easily list all those whose user accounts do not require passwords to login.

In today’s post, I’ll be recommending a free tool called GoldFinger to help you maintain security, perform audits, and demonstrate compliance in within a Microsoft Active Directory Server.

GoldFinger can be deployed within 2 minutes to gain immediate access to real-time AD analysis via its accurate reporting capabilities. Various IT personnel such as AD admins, IT auditors, IT managers, and Compliance auditors can benefit much from this tool.

What I’m really impressed with is GoldFinger’s ability to generate up to 225 security reports. These are some of the common ones:

Account Management Reports

Exchange Management Reports

Security Group Management Reports

Contact Management Reports

Computer Management Reports

Group Policy (GPO) Management Reports

Container Management Reports

Service Connection Point Management Reports

Organizational Unit Management Reports

Active Directory ACL Management Reports

The above are just a few reports out of the over 200 security reports which can be generated by GoldFinger.

To find out more about how GoldFinger Free Edition can assist you in your AD management and auditing purposes, check out GoldFinger today.

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