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How to get quick and anonymous feedback via a web form

When was the last time you got a constructive feedback about the performance of your work? photo credit: lululemon athletica

Most people would rather not receive any comments about their recent proposal development or latest product presentation.

But some do value feedback whether its a simple praise or criticism about the way they handled their work.

By listening to feedback from honest people, we have a chance to improve and do better the next time.

For example, I never knew that it’s rude / distracting to put my hands in the pocket while giving a presentation. Luckily a senior manager spotted my behavior and told me it’s better not to do so the next time.

When we were younger, we get constant feedback by our friends, teachers and parents on how we should behave and act appropriately.

As we grow older and enter the workforce, people tend to avoid giving their colleagues feedback probably because he / she:

Being a person who is ready to receive feedbacks which either sound sweet or harsh takes a lot of courage.

If you’re not willing to walk up to your subordinate to get his opinion on how well or bad you’ve managed the last project, then there may be a solution for you. is a free and easy tool for you to get feedback from anyone who has email and Internet access.

I think it’s good to use Coworkers to get feedback because:

Let’s walk through a simple process on how a Project Manager would ask his subordinates for feedback on the last project he handled using Coworkers.

The first step would be to get a free Coworkers signup.

Once done, you would click on Get Feedback.

The screen shot below is the Get Feedback form where:

Clicking on continue allows me to specify the subject of my feedback.

In my case, I want my subordinate to give me a feedback regarding my work performance. It could also be an event or milestone, which is the last project we implemented.

By default a recommended template will be selected together with a choice to customize the information you need to receive feedback on.

Once done, click on continue to customize the email message as well as specify who to email to.

Once done, click on the send email button.

When the respondents submit a feedback, you will get an email notification which you can then check under Feedbacks Received.

From the simple CoWorkers walk through above, hopefully it helps you visualize how Coworkers can be used to help us gather feedback and information effectively without much hassle and trouble.

Some other ways how you can use Coworkers:

For more details, check out today and start getting valuable feedbacks right now.

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