How to manage ideas effectively within an organization

Idea light bulbAccording to Jerry Yang, “it’s always possible to have a great company if you have great ideas” as mentioned on this post It all starts with a great business idea – Jerry Yang.

Quality products and services of an organization are usually a result of great ideas from either the founders or even from employees. Photo by aloshbennett.

Some organizations are open to ideas and suggestions from their workforce. But I have also seen some organizations which prefer their employees to work according to specified guidelines basically to work on whatever is ordered right from the top to the bottom.

No matter what method an organization prefers, whether closed or open environment, all employees have ideas and suggestions of their own to:

  • Grow the organization’s business
  • Develop new or improve products and services
  • Make the workplace environment more fun place to be at

I guess some organizations prefer not to make idea suggestions  a culture within the work environment because they are worried about managing the various and multiple ideas arising from different staffs.

Let’s take an example where Bob from the IT department raises an idea about adopting and implementing ITIL processes for all IT services within the organization. At the same time, Sally from the Finance department suggests that all IT Services should be outsourced to external IT companies. If you’re the boss, who would you listen to?

In a situation like this, top management needs to consider:

  • Costs
  • Confidentiality
  • Quality of services provided
  • And most important, what do majority of the stakeholders like the end users, the programmers, the managers think about the ideas.

Sometimes, when there are too many ideas flying around in the office, the top management decides to just close their ears and remain everything as it is. They start thinking, if it’s not broken, don’t even think about fixing or touching it.

If your organization is currently having a difficult time managing ideas which people think is for the betterment of the company, in today’s post, I will share with you an idea management software for all office workers to handle new and existing ideas more effectively.

HYPEIMT - logo

HypeIMT is a an idea management software which helps organizations with the process of capturing, rating, comparing and selecting the various innovative ideas suggested by office employees.

So in the case of Bob suggesting ITIL implementation while Sally suggests outsourcing the entire IT services, both can utilize HypeIMT by putting down their ideas into the system.

Once their ideas are in, all other employees can see what they have suggested, then discuss and vote on the ideas accordingly.

This way, the top management get a better feel of what the entire workforce thinks about a particular idea.  They can visually see for sure how much support there is for the idea and from there on make a decision which to proceed.

I think HypeIMT is a really good tool and concept by itself simply because it helps the entire office environment to be more transparent. I have seen some projects gone down the drain and receiving very little attention and ROI simply because the idea was from the big boss’s son and no one dared to challenge it.

Now that ideas need to be placed in the system for all to look at and consider prior to turning it into a project, the chances for it to fail have reduced, simply because only ideas which get the most support prior are being executed.

Some key capabilities of HypeIMT includes:

  • Idea submission
  • Idea rating
  • Idea discussion and voting
  • Dashboard
  • Idea pool
  • Idea campaigns
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Top innovators
  • Ideas lists and automatic notifications

For more details and information on how HypeIMT can help your organization manage the various ideas coming from various employees, check them out today!

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