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How to run cron jobs on windows

For those who are familiar with the Linux and Apache web server environment, running cron jobs are a common thing. Cron is basically a scheduled job that runs automatically at a certain time or interval. Image by RobotSkirts

Most people run cron jobs to eliminate human errors by automating maintenance tasks:

In the past, running cron jobs are considered to be a technical task as scripts and executable files need to be generated and tested.

Today, many software have emerged to help automate these maintenance tasks. One such software is VisualCron – a tool that runs commands/programs/tools/utilities at a predefined time, interval or event.

VisualCron is designed for Windows (client / server based) with the intention to simplify scheduling of windows tasks.

The following are some common tasks that can be automated:

Some sample screenshots: (Click to enlarge)

From my research and findings after trying out VisualCron, the tool can be generally used:

I noted that one of the satisfied VisualCron customers quoted:

Two hundred dollars spent, countless thousands of soft dollars saved!

I believe this tool – VisualCron will be able to help many servers and pc management personnel out there. Hope it helps!

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