How to scan for inappropriate images within the network

Recently a friend of mine called and told me this.

Hey buddy, my boss just summoned me to his room.

I asked him, what for?

He said that his boss noticed that there are porn images in the network’s shared drive and while he was walking around the office, he noticed some employees watching “some you know what” movies.

His boss told him that it’s his responsibility as the IT person to ensure that there should be no such images or video clips lying around in the file servers.

Because of this, his boss has asked him to do the following:

  1. Find and delete off all inappropriate materials.
  2. Implement a solution to monitor staff’s web usage
  3. Implement a new IT policy and procedures to govern computer and Internet usage.

With all these requirements given by his Boss, my friend asked me… So how, Bro? There are way too many folders in the shared folders and within each workstations. How can I find and search into all folders for inappropriate materials? It will take ages!

I told him to cool down and have a Kit Kat while I do my magic!

I thought about his requirements about being able to search for inappropriate materials easily and automatically.

Hmmm… we’re talking about a software that is capable of scanning a network of workstations for not just any ordinary images but images containing nudity!

Wow, is there such a software that could do something like the animated gif on the right? Animated image source: HyperDyne Software.

After applying some magic, it seems there is quite a few software out there that could do the trick. One of them is called Snitch Enterprise Auditor.

Schools, universities, small to large businesses, and even government agencies have utilized Snitch Enterprise Auditor to scan, detect, and control inappropriate materials and other illicit files within the network and workstations.

I guess the key purpose of Snitch Enterprise Auditor is to help create a clean and safe daily computing environment.

Although I haven’t got a chance to try out Snitch Enterprise Auditor, I have given Snitch Plus a try – a version for home users.

Once installed, I let the scanner scan through my PC. But before that, in order to try if the scanner really works, I had to head over to a triple X site to download some images to place into my PC. I know… some of you may be thinking.. yea right! But it’s up to your judgment on whether I have these images already in my machine or not. Hehe!

So the scanner ran… and guess what? Indeed it found those triple X images. Yippee! But not so yippee after all. Why?

Images of my baby and my family members who were all dressed up without revealing much skin at all were all searched and displayed as well! This, I’m not happy!

But I guess for my friend who wanted to scan and auto search his network for triple X materials, Snitch Enterprise Auditor should be able to find most of the pictures together with some legit ones. This should be fine as long as the inappropriate ones are discovered.

As for his boss’s requirement for #2 and #3, I told him to check out the following posts for a possible solution.

Requirement #2. Implement a way to monitor staff’s web usage – How to monitor web usage in real-time for free
Requirement #3. Implement a new IT policy manual to govern computer and Internet usage – How to implement IT policies and procedures via templates

Hopefully, my tips above help not just my friend but also anyone out there encountering the same problem.

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  • Hi ,

    I tried snitch plus my self, it’s very good.

    but do you know some free program that give the same features?

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