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Komodo Edit – a free and open source Code Editor

Komodo Edit has been into the business of application development tools for quite a while now and have transformed into a reliable source code editor that supports many scripting languages as well as programming languages.

The multi language editor has been designed by ActiveState into something that is powerful, free and open source benefiting developers around the world who don’t have the appropriate budget to invest in expensive proprietary application development tools.

Komodo Edit is a cross platform source code editor that is compatible with all three major OS namely Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. I have personally tried it on both Windows and Linux and found it to work well without any glitches.

One of the best thing about Komodo Edit has to be its auto complete feature which supports the following languages:

Programmers who are developing on more than one language will definitely find Komodo Edit really handy.
For the auto completion function to work, you will just need to put a full stop (.) after a require directive and a call tip will appear showing you the codes you can choose from. This definitely helps prevent syntax errors as well.

Komodo Edit also supports web browser based languages just like any other quality proprietary application.

The languages include HTML, XML, JavaScript and CSS where you get to have complete package and blue-print structure making the application a powerful IDE.

With Komodo Edit, you get the standard features that persist in a code editor such as incremental search, code folding, code commenting, auto indentation that makes your code neat and easier to maintain.

The web based scripting language can be previewed with the browser integrated with the editor on the condition that all necessary services required to run the code in the accurate form are active.

Another capability worth mentioning has to be the ability to be extensible by allowing developers to create their own Komodo Plugins just like how Firefox plugins can be created via the XPI extension support.

Komodo Edit is a free and open source yet powerful source code editor that suits the needs and requirements of programmers and developers from the world of software, application and website development. Check out Komodo Edit today.

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