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List of top open source Sales Force Automation software

Open source brings with it freedom, affordability as well as independence. It literally means free access to the source codes. By using open-source software you will not be restricted to one supplier.

More about what open source is, regulations that would apply, and general advantages of using open source as well as who may use it, will be discussed in a future article.

What is sales force automation software?

It is software that is designed to assist with the tracking of customers and their needs. It also helps with effective sales follow-up. It could typically include modules such as contacts, tasks, activities, and financials. It should provide information to the sales rep or sales manager in the form of reports or analytical functionalities.

What does open source sales force automation software offer

Apart from the software addressing the information needs of the sales reps and sales managers, being Open Source, it also provides the following benefits:

Here is a list of popular open source sales force automation software currently available:

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Here you go, a list of top open source sales force automation (SFA) software for you to manage your sales and customers today!

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