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Manage projects well & ensure project success with MPMM

Today’s question to you is, have all your projects been successful, or were some bumpy and nasty rides?

If you have experienced many difficulties during project implementations, the next question to you is, did the project go through a proper project management methodology?

Every project, whether it’s a building construction project or application development project can benefit from following a standardized and proven project management method such as those from PRINCE2® and PMBOK®.

While some organizations choose to follow and practice the methods as defined by PMBOK® or Prince2®, some organizations prefer to come out with their very own methodology to distinguish themselves from the others.

Method123 Project Management Methodology, also known as MPMM is a PM methodology that is aligned with the content of PRINCE2® and PMBOK®.

I checked out MPMM and found its PM methodology simple to comprehend and easy to implement.

If one doesn’t have any prior experience in a project lifecycle, the resources from MPMM is good to begin with.

While PMBOK® and PRINCE2® resources may come in the format of hard copy books or even digital ebooks, MPMM is packaged in a nice little desktop application that includes some of the following key information:

What I like about MPMM has got to be its templates and examples which clearly explain the various activities and steps during project implementation.

I remember once when I was given a task by my Project Manager to attempt to create a business case for one of our software development projects. I really didn’t know where to start and had much difficulty trying to cook up a business case. If only I had MPMM with me then.

Looking through MPMM’s business case template, it show’s me exactly what needs to go into a business case such as:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Problem
  3. Alternative Solution
  4. Recommended Solution
  5. Implementation Approach

Below is a sample screenshot of MPMM’s business case template:

As you can see in the template above, the headers are predefined and the blue text provides some guidelines on what should go into each header and its subheaders.

But sometimes, even with some guidelines, it’s still difficult to write. Luckily MPMM provides examples that lets us read how another business case was developed.

Below is a sample screenshot of a business case example:

By understanding both the templates and examples together, I’m sure writing a business case isn’t that difficult after all.

Besides providing templates and examples for all phases of a project lifecycle, with the MPMM software, you can create your very own project management methodology by adding new pages through the templates. Once done, the entire methodology can be exported to be disseminated to stakeholders.

Whether you’re a project manager or a project team member, I’m sure you can benefit from MPMM to ensure project success. The MPMM Free Trial allows you to try for 14 days without the ability to export.

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