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It’s the weekend and I’m wondering where to go.

There has got to be some interesting events going on around town and so I tried to search online but realized that there isn’t one website out there that does a good job compiling all events happening in my town.

Flipping through the local newspapers, I found several interesting events that I could attend.

But this led me to think why isn’t there an online event submission software that’s able to compile and aggregate all events?

This gave me an idea to start a new site to address this problem.

And so, I began searching for an online event submission software which is simple to implement, simple to use, simple to manage and most importantly, cost effective.

I’ve tried a few event management software such as Eventzilla,  Amiando and planetReg but ended up choosing The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe.

Why the events calendar?

The Events Calendar is a an online event submission software which is a free plugin for the WordPress platform.

To set it up, simple install WordPress followed by installing the The Events Calendar plugin and you’ve got a site that’s capable of displaying  a list of event in a calender view just like the one below:

Key features of the events calendar

Besides displaying events on a calendar view, here are the other key features:

  • Display events as a list view
  • Each event is displayed on a standalone page
  • Ability to manage venues and organizers
  • Ability to link venue location to Google Map
  • Customization templates to make the event site unique
  • Event Microformats for SEO

Which feature do I like best?

It’s got to be the Event Microformats for SEO because the events that are being added into your site are automatically coded in a way to display search results differently. This is an example of how it looks.

These days, it’s important to look a bit different on Google search results to attract user’s attention. The built in event microformats definitely helps.

How to publish an event?

Adding events to the site is really simple. All you need to do is fill up a simple form and click on the publish button to publish the event to the public. Here are some of the details that can be entered:

  • Event cost
  • Event time and date
  • Event location details
  • Event organizer details
  • Event description & pictures

When I first started using The Events Calendar to add in events, it was quite fun and exciting as I got to see the calendar view being populated with events.

But I soon realized that adding events one at a time can get pretty tiring and boring. Where’s the fun in doing things alone.

If only there’s a capability to allow anyone out there to just add in their events into the site while I just moderate which events get published.

Introducing the community events add on

Worry not as the folks at Modern Tribe have already thought of this requirement and came out with an add on for the Events Calendar called Community Events.

With the Community Events add on, you can allow the public  users to add their event details whenever they like.

The system will notify you whenever a new event has just been added so it can be checked and published.

Here are some more Community Events key features:

  • Events can be submitted by logged in or anonymous users
  • Users can edit their own events if allowed by site administrator
  • Moderation of events can be turned on or off

Here’s how it looks like:

event submission software

Wow! I like what I’m seeing. What are the steps again?

Step 1: Download and install WordPress (free)

Step 2: Download and install The Events Calendar 2.0 (free)

Step 3: Purchase a Community Events personal licenses ($50)

Step 4: Download and install Community Events add on

Step 5: Done! Begin adding in events.

The online event submission software is ready. Now what?

Now that I’ve shared with you the technical steps required to set up your event submission software, you must be wondering what’s next?

I guess the next step is to promote and market your event site to the world which isn’t an easy thing to do.

You’ll need to drive quality traffic to your site, by getting the attention of event viewers and event publishers.

It requires a lot of hard work and determination at the beginning but once it kicks off, your events site will soon be talk of the town.

Mine is still work in progress (user interface customization) but when it’s done, will be sure to let you all know.

Till then, happy setting up your WordPress + The Events Calendar 2.0 + Community Events Add On.

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