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List of top open source ERP free solutions

A friend recently asked if I know of any open source ERP free solutions for him to recommend to his IT department.

During these uncertain times, many organizations are holding back on IT spending causing some software vendor shares to slide on early warnings.

Companies such as SAP, headquartered in Waldorf Germany have indicated that the recent financial crisis has affected their ability to sign contracts as many customers put IT investments on hold. This illustrates how dramatically enterprise application spending has dipped in just a few weeks.

Most organizations feel that to implement an ERP solution, the cost is usually very high, tedious, and requires a lot of time and effort to put in. At these times, most organizations may be looking for alternative software solutions which are:

Why is having inventory management solution so important for your business?

To counter the drawbacks mentioned above, Open Source ERP solutions may be the answer. With Open Source ERP solutions, companies can download the solutions and customize it based on business requirements that fit the company’s business flow and processes. Most times, implementors and users of these solutions are only bound to the type of licensing model that the ERP solution is released under.

If your organization is planning to implement an ERP solution which best fits the business processes within the organization, the following are a list of Open Source ERP solution to evaluate and implement:

Open Source ERP Free

Axelor ERP frees up your business with true open source ERP to optimize your time, reduce costs, and manage your entire business at a glance.

Benefit from optimized ergonomics for better user experience and enjoy the advantages of a modern all-in-one solution without the rigidity of traditional ERP.

For even more flexibility, Axelor ERP offers both a cloud and an on-premises offer.

Openbravo is an open source ERP solution designed specifically for the SME (small to midsize firm). Developed in a web based environment, it includes many robust functionalities which are considered part of the extended ERP: procurement and warehouse management, project and service management, production management, and financial management.

Openbravo ERP supports the following modules and capabilities:

Recently, Openbravo was awarded by a Spanish business magazine called Capital in the Innovation Category. Openbravo, appearing in the Technology Section, is recognized alongside other respectable companies such as Volkswagen, Acciona, and CINFA.

xTuple PostBooks Edition is a full-featured, fully-integrated accounting, ERP, and CRM system, based on the award-winning xTuple ERP Suite.

Built with the open source PostgreSQL database, and the open source Qt framework for C++, it provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries. It includes the following modules:

Like all xTuple products, PostBooks runs equally well on Windows, Linux, and Mac and is fully internationalized (multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by xTuple’s global community.

Odoo ERP is an Open Source enterprise management software. It covers and integrates most enterprise needs and processes: accounting, hr, sales, crm, purchase, stock, production, services management, project management, marketing campaign.

The modules within Odoo ERP can be added based on requirements. Some of the available module for add on are:

Odoo is currently being used by customers from various industries such as Food industries, Banks & Insurances, Auction Houses, etc.  Metrexotic, a food industry company which specializes in exotic food uses Odoo to automate their sales processes effectively.


ERP5 Community provides all the features needed to run your business. From Customer Relationship Management to Human Resource Management, Document Management, or Accounting you will find everything needed to turn your small business into the next success story.

ERP5 is a full-featured ERP including customer relationship management (CRM), production management (MRP), supply chain management (SCM), product design management (PDM), accounting, human resources, e-commerce,

ERP5’s web-based platform allows users and administrators to use and configure it through a web browser. The design of ERP5’s user interface is also unique and innovative thus making it a user-friendly ERP system.

The ERP5 Express edition, provides ERP, CRM, and KM functionalities that most small businesses can benefit from. ERP5 Express can also be accessed via mobile phone as it has an optimized user interface for users to track tasks and statuses within the ERP system.

opentaps is a complete open source platform for your enterprise.  Its sophisticated features and modern architecture includes a full ERP and CRM solution plus mobile connectivity and built-in business intelligence tools.  Download opentaps today and see how it can automate processes, improve efficiency, and help your entire organization work smarter and better.

The following are opentaps key modules:

You can use opentaps as an alternative to expensive and inflexible commercial ERP solutions, as a replacement for in-house solutions that are difficult to maintain or extend, or as a starting point to build your unique business model and processes.

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I hope you can benefit from the above list of good and proven Open Source ERP Free solutions to evaluate and implement. Enjoy.


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