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Open source fleet management and vehicle tracking system

Most organizations these days own at least a few vehicles for various purposes. A construction company would have several trucks and tractors while a travel agency might own several vans and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs).

Just like equipment in the office such as printers and servers, vehicles need to be maintained and most importantly tracked.

Let’s just say that you’re an owner of a waste management and garbage collection company. If you have twenty (20) trucks deployed to several areas, how do you ensure that each truck has gone to the area that it’s supposed to collect garbage from?

The only way to know is when a customer calls in to complain that their garbage hasn’t been collected for more than a week. And when you ask your truck driver if he’s been to the area, he said that he has, but both parties don’t have any proof.

To eliminate cases like this from happening, it’s good to implement a fleet management system (FMS) where vehicles can be equipped with a GPS device that sends the following data to the server on a predefined interval:

If every garbage truck is installed with these GPS devices to send information of its whereabouts, it’s now possible to track:

Another benefit of a fleet tracking system is to record a vehicle’s mileage and its last service repair date. It is vital for all vehicles to be serviced and maintained on time in order for them to work well and to prevent accidents from occurring.

There are many types of FMS available out there in the market today. If the budget is tight and you have some time to create a prototype of your own then open-source fleet management and vehicle tracking system may be right for you.

OpenGTS is an open-source project designed specifically to provide web-based GPS tracking capability for a fleet of vehicles.

Some OpenGTS features include:

Some OpenGTS screenshots:

With OpenGTS web-based application, owners or supervisors can securely log on to the system to view information regarding their vehicles.

But wait a minute! What about the part where you would install a device on the vehicle for it to send and transfer GPS data?

For this to work, you’ll need to check out another open source project called OpenDMTP – a protocol and framework which allows bi-directional data communications between devices (client) and servers over the Internet.

By combining both OpenGTS and OpenDMTP, you can set up your very own open-source fleet management system to begin tracking your organization’s vehicles and their whereabouts today! I hope it helps!

List of Fleet Management Solutions (Commercial)

Fleetio is a complete and modern Fleet Management Solution that allows you to track every detail about the vehicles you own, schedule fleet maintenance efforts, collect data related to the entire fleet, work orders, inspections, maintain control of equipment, and more.


Fleetroot is a unified all-in-one solution for your fleet management requirements. The all-in-one solution is designed to improve, safety, efficiency, and quality of fleet operations. The system’s key features include sensor monitoring, fuel management, predictive maintenance, real-time location & GPS, intelligent alerts, vehicle driver behavior.

Fleetroot’s benefits include improved visibility to fleet and resource operations, reduce the cost of fuel to enhance fuel-efficiency, and ultimately to improve customer response time.

The pandemic has changed so much of our lives, and we are still feeling the effects, including the impact on the trucking industry and increased product shortages nationwide.

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Why now is the time to become a truck driver

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