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Open Source Leave Management System – PHP based

It’s early year 2009 and I noticed several search terms related to Leave Management System. Some of the search terms include:

Obviously people are looking for ways to manage leaves and absences in a more organized manner. Photo by James Cridland

There are many advantages of utilizing a web based leave tracking system:

So if your organization is still managing staff’s leaves using hardcopy papers, it’s time to implement a web based leave management system.

Most HR Management systems (HRMS) out there have this particular feature built in. Enterprise HRMS such as Peoplesoft, SAP HR and Oracle HRMS has leave management capability which can be customized to suite your organizations leave management processes. For those who can’t afford to implement these enterprise software, your organization can consider implementing open source solutions.

An open source leave management system which is php based is OrangeHRM.

OrangeHRM is simple and easy to use for the administrators, applicants and approvers.

Employees can easily:

HR administrators can easily:

To have OrangeHRM up and running, there are two options. Option one would be to get a technical person who is familiar with the LAMP environment to download OrangeHRM and help set up / configure OrangeHRM.

If your organization doesn’t have a technical staff, you can subscribe to OrangeHRM’s On-Demand where there is nothing to install and maintain. Just pay a minimal fee depending on the number of users you have and you’re good to go.

For more details on OrangeHRM, check out their website.

So far the only free an open source leave management system that I found is OrangeHRM. If anyone knows of another one with similar capabilities. please do highlight in the comment box below. Paid versions of leave systems are also welcomed, but do make sure it’s good and affordable. With the economic downturn, we all need to be careful with our IT / HR spending.

The above article reviews OrangeHRM, an open source web based Human Resource Management system.

OrangeHRM allows organizations to better manage their workforce by providing an online system which assist in common HR functions such as timesheet management, leave management, track employee details and more. I’m giving OrangeHRM a 3/5 star rating as I believe it could do more to provide better functionality in terms of leave management. But as an overall HRMS product, it’s done a pretty good job considering the fact that it’s an open source system.

Date published: 05/01/2009
3 / 5 stars
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