Search your PC effectively with Copernic Desktop Search

Do you sometimes need to find that file or picture that’s residing in your hard disk but you just can’t remember where you have placed it?

Life has been made easier by Copernic Desktop Search where it has become a tool for fast and reliable searching for documents, data files, emails and over 150 other types of files on your machine.

Copernic Desktop Search creates a complete searchable index of the entire data on the computer’s local storage and the best part is the active updater: any file that is added or removed into the storage volumes is updated rapidly within the index.

The tool provides basic searching against keyword queries which mean you can easily search for the desired keywords through the pane on the left yet you also get to have advanced search options based on the technical details about the file or folders.

The interface is pretty simple and gives you a flexible control over the way this application has been developed: you can set different categories in order to search for files in a specific location.

The installation process takes no time and the basic setup is easy to configure: you can always move on with the automatic settings while you still have the option to go for the custom settings.

The first run of Copernic Desktop Search might be sluggish depending on the size of your hard drive and number of files on your system as it takes quite a while to index files on huge storage volumes but the overall usability is user friendly and quite prompt.

My test on the software shows that Copernic Desktop Search creates an index of a hard disk drive of 10GB volume in around 15 minutes.

Another good feature by Copernic Desktop Search is the Copernic Deskbar that makes searching a lot more handier and convenient.

At the moment there are 3 versions of Copernic Desktop Search:

  • Home
  • Professional
  • Corporate

The home version is free for non-commercial home use while the corporate edition even lets you search into Lotus Notes® content.

In a nutshell, if you have a hard disk that is really huge in terms of size volume, you will find Copernic Desktop Search to be no less than a blessing that will save you both time and get you accurate results. Check it out today!

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