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Solution to the WindowsUpdate_80070005 problem

Today’s question to you is, how often do you update you Windows OS?

It is important for us to update our OS in order to obtain the latest OS patches and fixes from Microsoft.

To update our Windows Vista manually, just go to Control Panel and click on Windows Update.

Since a few months ago, whenever my Windows Vista starts up, I see a notification telling me that Windows can’t perform a windows update on my machine.

Most of the time, I just ignore this error message.

Today I decided to give it a real look just to see if I could get a fix to this problem.

The problem occurs whenever I click on the check for updates button and within 10 seconds it’s telling me there’s a problem installing updates.

The only error message provided was this: WindowsUpdate_80070005

Googled for this error message “WindowsUpdate_80070005” and was quite shocked to see that many are also encountering the same problem.

I look through a few of the posts and forums and this site in particular solved my problem – Microsoft answers.

Basically the problem is caused by an insufficient permission to install updates. This might have happened after I installed some apps which could have messed up the permissions.

The solution in the site shows us a way on how to reset the permission.

For anyone having the same problem, hope this helps you too. And thanks to Shedrich for the solution.

My windows update haven’t been working since mid March so guess what, I’ve got 34 updates worth 150MB to download and install. Check yours too ya!

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