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IT hole of deathA friend of mine who owns a consulting firm recently came to me and asked if I could help him troubleshoot and fix problems with his PC and notebooks.

He needed help with 3 notebooks and 2 personal computers from both his home and his office.

The problem is he hasn’t hire a technical IT staff to help him manage all his IT related tasks and he’s not really a techie but more of a business person.

All of the machines suffer from various problems such as:

  • Very slow and lagging.
  • Hangs for no reasons at all.
  • Automatically restarts itself.
  • Pop ups which are sudden and annoying.
  • Occasionally getting BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

He asked if I could just somehow apply some magic onto his machines and make them all go faster just like how it ran when he first got the machines brand new.

I told him that he could try to backup all his files to an external drive and attempt to reinstall the operating system as well as the applications all over again, but he refused to do that because he didn’t know how to and he doesn’t want to spend time backing up all his files to an external drive.

So it looks like he prefers to get rid of problems within his machines rather than having to rebuild everything.

To find and fix the exact cause which is giving a machine problems can be quite tricky and challenging as one needs to know the error code and attempt to find a solution for it.

I suggested that he try the following:

  • Check for viruses, malwares, trojans
  • Check for problems in the registry via some registry cleaning tools
  • Check for disk space (if it’s running low, it could cause some problems)
  • Check for updates (updates are important to upgrade OS and apps to the latest version)
  • Check for memory usage (a faulty application could be running in loops which causes memory related problems)

After giving all my suggestions to him, he finally got the point that I’m unwilling to help him troubleshoot and fix all his computers and my reason is because I’m way too busy with my current projects as well as having to take care of 2 toddlers when I’m at home. Hey, my wife needs a rest too!

After about a month when I met my friend again,  he told me that he managed to get his machines fixed and running on tip top condition. I asked him how he did it and he mentioned this software called Reimage.

I did a quick check on Reimage and found out that it’s a neat little program which helps PC users fix and repair all kinds of Windows problems.

I thought that the idea and concept of Reimage is quite good because many people including myself don’t like spending too much time fixing problems which should have been taken care of by Windows in the first place.

But will it really fix our machine’s problems? Read this list of what Reimage fixes and what it does not. I decided to give it a try and this is how it went.

Firstly I downloaded a very small reimage exe program (less than 1 MB), then ran it.

After the installation was completed, an analysis of my machine was performed.

It didn’t really take that long to complete and once it did, a report was generated. View this sample report.

On mine, there was no security threat (Good job MSE!) but in terms of stability, it’s only 62% which is still RED.

So I proceeded by clicking on the Start Repair button. At this point, you can either:

  • Become a new customer or
  • Enter a Reimage license key

Once I entered the license key, Reimage began the fixing process which includes the following key steps:

  1. Clear faulty files
  2. Install fresh files
  3. Repair damage
  4. Stability check
  5. Security check

The fixing process ran for quite some time. I allowed it to run overnight since I was trying this out in the middle of the night. The next morning, I saw that Reimage has completed fixing my PC.

I like how they stated “Welcome to your new PC!“. It does feel good reading this first thing in the morning.

Clicked on the View Report button and it reported that a total of 1934 files and folders were replaced on my system.

Also, about 14% of the operating system registry entries were reset.

It is also mentioned that the speed of my hard disk runs at 13 MBs per second which is SLOW but that’s not something that can be done by Reimage. Now I know why I got this machine at a discounted price. They probably gave me a slow speed hard disk.

Anyways, I restarted my machine a few times and did feel improvements especially when it comes to booting up as well as launching applications.

Previously whenever I launched a browser and email client, it takes quite a long time but now it’s faster. Probably by about 50%.

Overall I’m happy that I tried out Reimage PC Repair.

My only suggestion to the Reimage team is to allow users to purchase a one time license which can be used for one fix only rather than the yearly license fee of $69.95 but with unlimited number of fixes.

Although there is a 100% money back guarantee just in case things don’t work out, I think it will still be good to provide an option for the one time fix license so that potential customers can begin using Reimage with lesser investment, which may be associated with lower risk on the buyer’s side.

Something like $4.99 for a fix sounds reasonable to me. I’m sure if the fix works for the user, his or her subsequent purchase will be the yearly license with unlimited number of fixes.

To my dear readers, please do share your thoughts on this? If you do want to use Reimage to fix your PC for the first time, would you prefer to purchase a one time fix license or are you OK to proceed with the $69.95 yearly license fee? Do let us know.

Till then, remember to head on over to Reimage website and download the program to analyze your machine today!

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  • I was searching out a solution to my pc stability issues. Came upon a page which included this program in part of a fix process on one of the microsofts tech help sections. Big fat microsoft labels as far as the eye can see until you get to the repair button and it turns out it’s not a microsoft repair tool. Guess thats more microsoft being deceptive than the company who make the tool. But as you said above they should have a one time repair deal. I havent got $70 to spend, and I bet a lot of others dont either.

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