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SaaS CMMS with work order & service request modules

IMG_4364Previously I’ve written about a free CMMS software called CWorks for your organization to manage work orders and equipment maintenance.

The free software is meant for smaller sized organizations where there are fewer equipments to maintain and manage.

Also, whenever there is a new request for service, only the person who has access to the software can and must enter the details into the system.

Today I would like to take the opportunity to highlight an enterprise-grade web-based SaaS CMMS called Maintenance Connection which is capable of supporting not just the service providers but the clients as well.

The system actually allows service requesters to submit requests such as requesting for the air-cond to be serviced, requesting a PC for a new employee, etc.

Since the system is fully web-based, the service desk agent gets an immediate notification of a new service request via email and can immediately escalate or assign the request appropriately.

Technicians who have been assigned a work order can receive notifications via the PDA / Mobile phones.

I believe that Maintenance Connection’s key strength lies on its vast implementation across multiple industries which includes:

For each of these industries, there is a write up which provides some explanations on how the web based SaaS CMMS is able to cater for the needs of the industry.

For example, a city which utilizes the software can use the system to set up maintenance procedures and preventive maintenance schedules for equipments and facilities such as:

Whether your organization operates a Data Center or a Sports Club, Maintenance Connection has the experience needed to provide you with a solution which caters specifically for the needs of your business.

At the moment, Maintenace Connection (MC) can be deployed as:

For more details and information about this SaaS CMMS with work order & service request modules, check out Maintenance Connection today.

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