How to Develop a Grocery Delivery App like Big Basket?

COVID-19 pandemic has hugely affected the way we live and work. As the third part of the world’s population is on coronavirus lockdown, people compel to buy groceries and other food items through apps. This is the reason a huge increase was recorded recently in the number of downloads of top online grocery apps including Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt. Statista has forecasted that online grocery shopping will reach over 29 billion USD by the year 2021.

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Online grocery apps not only provide convenience to the users but also remain helpful during a lockdown-like situation. Startups can consider developing a grocery app for generating a steady revenue in a short time. Big Basket is India’s most popular and biggest online store that provides all basic items and food. If you want to develop a grocery delivery app like Big Basket, this guide will remain handy for you.

Let’s start from scratch and look at the types of grocery apps available in the market.

Types of On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Grocery Chain Apps

Walmart is a grocery chain. It can arrange pickup and drop from partner stores to the customer’s doorstep. The grocery chain model is considered as a micro-level operation of single stores. The on-demand grocery chain app needs to update the online menu single-handedly. If you want to come up with a grocery chain app, you need to manage everything from managing the app to resolving the customer’s issues.

Aggregator Apps

These apps bring all nearby grocery stores to a single platform. Customers can select any of these stores and fill their carts. After dropping their requirements to the cart, the customer can pay through any convenient payment options available. Once the stores confirm the order, customers can track them in real-time. Here, the responsibility of delivery is on the respective store, and not on the app owner.

Online Marketplace App

It is a little different than an aggregator app. In this app, the team of delivery boys picks up the groceries from the store selected by the customers and take them to their doorsteps. So, here the whole responsibility of delivering order comes on the app owner.

Single Store App

It is also known as a virtual grocery store. Like the grocery chain app, you need to manage everything ranging from updating the menu to delivering the order to a customer single-handedly. However, the single store app can be a great idea for startups who just want to capitalize on the growing demand for grocery apps.

How to Analyze Needs to Develop On-demand Grocery Delivery App?

It is quite a task to come up with an on-demand grocery delivery app because the competition is high. You need to go the extra mile to make your grocery shopping app successful. Here we give you the questionnaire to analyze the market trends and information related to likes and dislikes of your potential audience.

The key questions you need to ask yourself are-

  • How many similar apps are available?
  • Whom do you target and where does your target audience reside?
  • Which features can give your app a competitive edge?
  • Which are the loopholes or shortcomings of competitor apps?
  • How can you give better services than your competitors?

Answers to these questions can help you develop a grocery delivery app that can stay ahead of other apps.

Let’s have a look at the key features of a grocery delivery app.

Top Features of Grocery Delivery App

We will classify the features of the online grocery app into five broad categories.

Identification Features

 These features are designed to get the customer’s information for registration. These features include-

  • Sign-up or Sign-in using social media credentials
  • User profile management
  • Forgot Password
  • Email or Phone Number verification

Operational Features

These features are aimed at providing a seamless shopping experience to the customers. These features include-

  • Product Search
  • Filter
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Coupons and Discount Codes
  • Checkout
  • Wishlist and Shopping Cart

Delivery-related Features

These features enable customers to track their orders and improve their convenience. These features include-

  • Express Delivery
  • Order Tracking
  • Time Slot
  • Contact Details of the Delivery Person
  • Order Cancellation

Customizable Features

These features can enhance the customer’s engagement as customers can customize them as per their wish. These features include-

  • Customer Location
  • Address Search
  • Favorites

Feedback-related Features

Review and rating-related features are very much important in the grocery app like Big Basket. These features can enhance the confidence of customers. These features include-

  • Rating for Delivery Person
  • Rating for Product Quality
  • Write a Review
  • Help Center
  • Company Details in Brief

Apart from these features, you can give services like same-day delivery while streamlining the logistics and providing more customer engagement through a user-friendly app.

Cost of Grocery Delivery App like Big Basket

The cost of grocery delivery app depends on various factors. You need to hire a team of developers that consists of a project manager, mobile app developers, a UX designer, and a QA engineer. You also need to hire a database manager and system administrator. Looking at hourly rates of developers worldwide- the US-based developers take around $80-$200 an hour and European developers charge around $50 to $150 an hour.

South Asian developers take the least charge at $25 to $80 an hour. Considering all these factors and the app’s complexity, a simple grocery delivery app costs you around $20000. However, more features can increase the cost of the grocery delivery app significantly.

Concluding Lines

Time is just right if you want to develop a grocery delivery app. Even after the world will recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the on-demand grocery app will continue to serve people with prompt and secure services with the delivery of products at their doorsteps. You need to find the reputed on-demand app development company to give your online grocery business a boost.

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